PhD / Dissertation – Interview

Interview with Heike, PhD student in the field of research and advance development sustainability

Why did you decide to do a doctorate and why in connection with an industrial company?

After the master's thesis I was first of all fed up with scientific work. When I started working, everything revolved around speed and efficiency. Which was also good, but in the end there was no time to ask more deeply about the "why". How does something work in detail? Why does it work or not? Getting deeper into a topic, that's what I missed. Doing my doctorate exclusively at a university would not have been an option for me. It is very important to me to look at industry-related and industry-relevant topics that can be turned into reality with the support of my work.

My doctoral thesis at Syntegon gives me completely different insights and background information than I would have gained at university. Here, science and practice can be combined in such a way that I can create added value for both my doctoral thesis and the company. At the same time, I make important contacts for further research or a later job in industry.

Heike Kern

PhD student in the field of research and advance development sustainability

How is the PhD programme at Syntegon structured?

The PhD programme is set up for three years. Either the topic is already assigned to a PhD supervisor or you work with your own doctoral supervisor. During the three years, you have the opportunity to get to know your department intensively, to dive into the details and to collect scientific data. I see great advantages in the exchange with the large number of colleagues on site, who bring an unbelievable amount of knowledge and are experts in their field. In addition to this knowledge pool, I also have access to various literature databases for my work. The three years form the core of my dissertation and are perhaps also my entry into an exciting position in the company. 

What is the coolest thing about the program?

It is incredibly valuable to have a lot of freedom to try out the ideas you have. It's also not bad if you do research on something and in the end find out that it doesn't work that way. This is also part of research! 

As a PhD student at Syntegon, having this opportunity is a great motivation for me and makes me proud.


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