PreMaster Program – Interview

Interview with Jacqueline, PreMaster in the area of international human resources development

In which department are you and what are your tasks?

I work as a PreMaster in the area of international human ressources development. With my two focus topics in the areas of employer branding and change, I currently support the development of Syntegon as a new employer brand and the cultural development at Syntegon.

Why did you decide to do a PreMaster Program at Syntegon? 

I was already thinking about what to do after my bachelor's thesis. I knew that I definitely wanted to do a Master's degree to further deepen my theoretical knowledge, but I also wanted to combine this with practical experience. That's why I consciously decided to start as a PreMaster at Syntegon. In addition, Syntegon currently offers a unique opportunity. We have left the Bosch Group and are now thinking and developing a lot of new things. To be part of something like this from the very beginning is exciting and unique. 

I associate Syntegon with dynamics, cooperation and development. With the PreMaster Program, Syntegon offers a challenging and supportive program in a good learning environment.

Jacqueline Freudenreich

PreMaster in the area of international human resources development

What is the coolest thing about your job? 

The fact that we've just got the carve-out from the Bosch Group behind us means that there are an incredible number of different topics to deal with. I have defined my priorities together with my technical supervisor and then I am involved in the projects or am given responsibility for them. If I'm interested in a specific topic and want to drive it forward, I'm allowed to do so. Of course, I also learn through the input and support of experienced colleagues who can draw on many years of expertise and knowledge. 

What makes Syntegon special as an employer?

At Syntegon you are taken along by the dynamism and commitment of your colleagues. Of course, my team is also responsible for change and employee development, but regardless of this, everyone at Syntegon has the opportunity to help shape the company. There are various networks and employee initiatives in which you can get involved. 


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