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Come join us for our OSD Academy expert seminar “Coating of fine particles, pellets, and tablets” in November 2023.


If you're in the pharmaceutical industry, you know that coating is a critical step in the manufacturing process. But what exactly is OSD coating, and why is it so important? Fortunately, the OSD Academy Coating seminar “Coating of fine particles, pellets, and tablets" offered by Syntegon provides comprehensive training on this essential process. In this article, we'll explore what OSD coating is, what the OSD Academy offers incl. what you will learn from the seminar.



What is Coating?

OSD coating, or oral solid dosage coating, is a process used in pharmaceutical manufacturing meet coloring and taste-masking requirements, as well as high demands from applications such as enteric coatings, controlled release coatings or the addition of an active ingredient. It also supports improve the appearance and stability of tablets. This way coatings can also help protect the active ingredient from moisture, light, and air, ensuring that the medication remains effective for longer periods.



OSD Academy seminar “Coating of fine particles, pellets, and tablets"

Our experts will make you experts! The OSD Academy offers a range of seminars that are designed to provide participants with a comprehensive training of all aspects for the development and production of solid dosage forms. From the “Coating of fine particles, pellets, and tablets" seminar participants will gain a clear understanding of the coating process including tasting masking, preparation of spray media, coating of pellets and tablets as well as downstream processing like capsule filling. You will also perform hands-on coating processes on Hüttlin equipment. Additionally, participants will learn about the impacts of coating conditions and the set-up of the press for the production of MUPS (multi-unit pellet system tablets).


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What you will receive:

  • Firsthand instructions from Syntegon experts who hold a longstanding experience in the field of OSD and include PhDs in pharmacy and pharmacists
  • Engaging discussions with technical experts and industry peers
  • A mix of classroom and hands-on training in small groups in our OSD customer center laboratory in Schopfheim, Germany
  • Hands-on training on equipment guided by our experts for operators
  • Certificate of participation


Who should attend:

Professionals engaged in the development or production of solid dosage forms.



What participants of previous OSD Academy seminars say:

“It was a pleasure to meet you at the OSD Academy. Your team is very friendly and the presentation material was very informative. I returned to my country with a lot of new information and many new friends. It's really exciting...”, Technical Director.


“Your team is so joyful and friendly, that I already miss be in your company.”, Technical Director.


“The presentations were of very great importance for me, it is an upgrade of my many years of experience on granulation. You've all been very helpful and cooperative. Also, meeting all the people in the seminar is also a benefit. Thank you very much for everything […] and I hope to see you again.”, Leader of Production Department.


“I would like to thank you for your and the whole Syntegon’s team hospitality during the seminar. It was a great opportunity for us to see and also to experience the […] equipment pieces in action.”, Principal CMC Scientist.



Registration Process:

To obtain more detailed information, such as the agenda, and to register for the seminar, please visit our website at: OSD Academy Coating | Registration (


We are very much looking forward to spending 2.5 days full of learning, growth, and networking with you!



Impressions from our OSD Academy seminar “Granulation – from powder to tablet”:


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Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

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