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Container Weight Is Critical to Product Packaging

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Paper cups, plastic cups, totes, pails, buckets, cartons and cases all weigh less than glass jars or bottles.

More so now than ever, a containers weight has become critical to a products packaging. As our global economy, retail, and grocery stores move towards a stronger more advanced E-commerce market, we see many customers moving away from brick-and-mortar stores. The associated costs have become instrumental to a product’s profitability and hold on the market.

Osgood and Ampack machines manufacture cup and container filling and sealing equipment. Creating custom machines for a variety of applications such as yogurt in cups, hummus, salads, dips, ice cream, deli salads, chilled desserts, soups, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, etc.

Shipping no longer involves just truckloads, pallets and cases. Many manufacturers have adapted their packaging to meet new margins and in turn, have changed their product packaging material to meet various marketing and sustainability demands.

One of the largest trends the dairy and food packaging industry is experiencing is products being filled into small boxes, pouches, and envelopes. These different cup and container shapes stand out from the traditional cup and tray container. Their unique shape helps carry products from the manufacture to the distribution facility, then on to the grocery stores or shipping hubs after the filling, sealing, and capping process is completed on an Osgood or Ampack filling machine.

Additionally, we are seeing a packaging trend towards lighter materials such as paper and plastic, and away from the traditionally heavier glass and jar containers. Shipping weight and shipping costs have become an absolute driving force in the selection of primary packaging.

Do you have any changes in your packaging format that you would like to discuss? Our experts would be glad to discuss them with you.

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