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Vertical packaging solutions for frozen food

As fresh as farm fresh! This is the mantra Syntegon technology follows while providing you a solution to pack frozen food.Frozen food is considered a substitute to the fresh food and hence, it is important to maintain their freshness and quality. At Syntegon, we understand your packaging requirements and give you the right solution.


The SVI 2600 LE machine from Syntegon is ideal for packaging frozen food. This machine comes with food grade configuration and a sturdy construction. The SVI is also capable of handling PE films. The main selling points of the machine are:

  1. Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) with clear operator buttons
  2. Stainless steel frame and surfaces
  3. Stainless steel top plate with drip tray and bottom frame to prevent corrosion
  4. Drain pipe and gutter can be split in two pieces for easy cleaning
  5. Cleaning level wet wipe down due to aluminum film rollers, stainless steel film roller bearings and vacuum splicing bars, anodized aluminum cylinder, forming set suspension and air connection.


With the above-mentioned highlights we can easily say that SVI 2600LE is one of the best packaging solution for frozen food. Contact us for more details on the machine.


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