64,000 machines, 150 years of experience, one thing that’s new – our name.

Syntegon — the new name in processing and packaging.

Your global partner for processing and packaging technology in the pharmaceutical and food industries. And in the future, you can continue to count on us.

Our new corporate video.

The numbers speak for themselves.

To us, numbers aren’t just hard data. Our numbers contain all of our passion, experience, and dedication to each and every one of our customers. And we always have your numbers in mind.

The duration of your visit to our website in figures: 
Numbers you can count on.
employees who give their all for you.
registered patents thanks to unparalleled innovative strength.
locations nearby, wherever you are in the world.
countries in which our customers benefit from intelligent and sustainable solutions.
Our oldest machine has been running since 1954.

And do you know when it produced its last product? About a second ago. 150 years of experience and perfect service guarantee maximum quality and reliability. And that will apply to the next 150 years as well.

partnership – the most important figure on our balance sheet.
Our recommendation for better numbers: ones and zeros.

People, machines, optimized processes, and foresighted production – everything and everyone is connected. From sensors and software to data-based services – we ensure that connected and self-learning technologies are intelligent, sophisticated, holistically engineered, and easy to use. This not only keeps the machines humming along, but also the business.

Save 32 soccer fields of plastic film.

Less is more. After all, climate change, environmental protection, and resource conservation are major global challenges. We use our expertise to support your transition to more environmentally friendly packaging technologies – without compromising product protection. Because sustainability doesn’t cost the world.

engineers working for excellence – or better said, no rejects.
packages per year. Let’s see you sell that much first.
years of experience – and always one step ahead.
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