Ampack FCL inline filling machine for pre-made cups

Available in ultra-clean and aseptic, the Ampack FCL is designed according to 3-A hygienic requirements and therefore presents a perfect fit for products requiring a higher protection and a longer shelf-life.

The linear filler can reach an output of up to 60,000 cups per hour. It features a smaller aseptic chamber, which improves product control, thus minimizes the risk of food contamination.  Thanks to the optional servo-based anti-spilling functionality, liquid food products can be filled even faster without spilling.

The modular aseptic dosing system enables  the gentle filling of all pumpable foods. It is automatically height-adjustable and allows optimum adjustment of the filling nozzle height above the cup (even during production under aseptic conditions). In addition, it provides excellent access to the most sensitive area of the machine, thus allows the filling nozzles to be changed quickly. A fully automatic integrated rinsing plate for CIP and SIP is part of the standard scope of delivery.


  • High product safety through innovative aseptic chamber design
  • Easy retrofits based on standardized interfaces
  • Increased output for liquid products with anti-spilling functionality
  • Height adjustable dosing unit for fast and easy changeover of dosing nozzles
  • Extractable sealing station for easy changeover of sealing heads
  • HMI 4.0 for simplified operation and intuitive operator guidance
  • Hygienic design according to 3A requirements
  • Technical Data
    Technical data
    Cups Output: 8,000 - 60,000 cups/h
    Depending on the dimension and the volume of the cup
    Dimensions: Ø 50- 120 mm
    Height: 40 - 140 mm
    Machine versions available Single-index
    Format flexible (2 different cup diameters)
    Possible hygienic versions (VDMA categorizing) Clean (II-III), Ultra-clean (IV), Aseptic (V)
    Decontamination methods H2O2-steam, Pulsed-light system, UVC radiation
    Packaging material bottles/cups PS, PP, PE, 3K
    Packaging material lids Alu, PET, Coex
    Depending on the dimension and the volume of the bottle and the cup

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application Examples

    Filling products for cups :

    • Clinical nutrition products
    • Children and baby food
    • Stirred yoghurt with and without fruit pieces
    • Fruit preparation
    • Quark with and without fruit pieces
    • Cottage cheese with and without fruit particles
    • Multilayer dessert products, like pudding, cream desserts, etc.
    • Whipped products
    • Multilayer products (side-by-side and swirl)
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