Sigpack TTML

Your benefits at a glance

  • Patented changeover with vertical restart – easy, fast, tool-less, reproducible from the first carton onwards
  • Diverse package styles and formats on one machine
  • Maximum efficiency with 100% process safety, secure handling, ergonomic and intuitive operation over HMI
  • Reliable thanks to 100% carton control, designed for 24/7 operation and optimal OEE
  • Compact and open design thanks to minimal footprint, modular expandable with optimal accessibility and easy cleaning
  • Scalable up to 150 cartons or 1500 products per minute, suitable for low product volume, too

Mode of operation

The Sigpack TTML is developed for 24/7 production. Only a single operator is needed to handle all operations – changeover and cleaning included. The ergonomic operating height guarantees comfortable operation. Safety guards provide noise protection and fulfill safety standards. Active carton control, reproducible changeovers and process transparency make the machine operation easier. This results in the highest reliability and OEE optimization.

  • Pre-erected cartons are transferred and indexed
  • Products are fed, grouped and loaded into the erected carton (topload)
  • Afterwards the filled carton is closed and passed to the outfeed belt for following processes

More about the TTM technology

  • Technical Data
    Specifications Sigpack TTML
    Product dimensions
    Product length 50 to 300 mm
    Product width 10 to 150 mm
    Product height 10 to 100 mm
    Carton dimensions
    Carton length 100 to 600 mm
    Carton width 100 to 400 mm
    Carton height 25 to 400 mm
    Other dimensions on request. Restrictions may apply to some combination of sizes.
    Product performance up to max. 1500 products/min
    Carton performance up to max. 150 cartons/min
    Effective speed depends on product and carton dimensions.

    Technical data are subject to change

    Standard Features:

    • Sigpack TTML for carton and infeed chain loading
    • Product infeed conveyor
    • Product collation unit
    • Allen Bradley controls and drives
    • HMI with color touch screen, recipe and user management
    • Tool-less changeover with vertical restart


    • Double infeed conveyor and collating unit
    • Feeding wheel for high-speed applications
    • On edge loading of products
    • Integration of a multipack infeed chain
    • Miscount detection
    • Trolley for change parts

    … and many more

  • Request for Quote

    The Sigpack TTML can be integrated into your existing line, into a new system or you can operate the machine offline.

    If you like to receive more specific details about how the Sigpack TTML fits your production requirements and layout, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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  • Application Examples


    Loading of virtually all discrete products.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions concerning your specific products and/or packaging requirements.

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