Sigpack DSN

The Sigpack DSN is a two-stage diefold machine for chocolate tablets. It packs all types of chocolate tablets with a wide range of properties, with and without fillings and of different sizes and shapes, ranging from 30 g to 250 grams.

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16 Formats - one machine - DSN

The packaging process works as follows:

  • The chocolate tablets are transported to the wrapping machine by a belt and first wrapped into an inner wrap via a film unwinder.
  • In a second step they are packed in an outer wrap of paper or carton.
  • The wrapped products are then transported lying flat from the outfeed to be further packed into display, shipping or shelf-ready cartons or in flow wrapped multipacks.
  • Does this sound Greek to you?
  • Take a look at the following video for more details. In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Your Benefits

  • Wide range of packaging options for various tablet sizes, shapes and types
  • High flexibility
  • Easy and fast format changes
  • Maximum reliability thanks to decades of experience
  • Robust and dependable machine


The Sigpack DSN handles all types of chocolate tablets flexibly and reliably.


Technical Specifications Sigpack DSN

Performance, Speed

  • Up to max. 165 tablets/min, continuously adjustable speed, flexible tablet size, types of folding and product features
  • The choice of packaging materials may have an impact the final output per minute.

Packaging Material Dimensions

  • Product Length: 90 to 235 mm (3.54-9.25 inch)
  • Product Width: 32 to 100 mm (1,26-3.94 inch)
  • Product Height: 6 to 17 mm (0.24-0.67 inch)

Product Dimensions

  • Coated or uncoated aluminum foil, heat sealable, suitable for OPP fed from reel
    Packaging Material Reels: 250 mm (9.84 inch) max. outer diameter
  • Paper from stack or from reel
    Alternative: different types of carton from stack, optional opening aids, reclosable features, etc.
    Packaging Material Reels: 350 mm (13.78 inch) max. outer diameter
Sigpack DSN

Secondhand Sigpack DSN

Chocolate is carefully wrapped indulgence

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