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Innovative flow wraps made of barrier paper or films

Our roadmap for increased sustainability with consistent product protection

High-speed and cold seal application: The retrofit-kit “paper-ON-form” for already installed as well as new horizontal flow wrapping machines.

Mid-speed and heat seal application: The forming unit and sealing jaws are pre-configured based on the desired pack size and the material characteristics before being installed.

Retrofit-kit: „paper-ON-form’

  • The forming unit can be used for different types of barrier-paper as well as for conventional packaging materials, which makes it possible to gradually switch materials
  • The forming unit and sealing jaws shape paper without creasing or tearing it
  • The retrofit-kit is pre-configured by Syntegon experts based on the desired pack size and the specific material characteristics
  • The new retrofit-kit is already being used on existing lines from international manufacturers for packaging chocolate tablets in paper.

Extended hub length of the Amplified Heat Sealing technology allows extended sealing time, especially suitable for films.

HFFS machine features for handling films:

  • Mono-material films consist of a single type of plastic which makes them more sensitive to temperature
  • The extended stroke length for Amplified Heat Sealing (AHS) applications on new horizontal flow wrappers helps to optimize the thermal heat input and enables faster processing of films.
  • Various cold seal applications are already in the field.

To make flow wraps future-proof we have to take a holistic approach. In our test lab, we are concentrating on three elements. Avoidance. Recycling. Recovery.

Christoph Langohr

Christoph Langohr
Project Manager Sustainability Horizontal Packaging


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