Our Approach to Sustainability

We are committed to drive the change and are ready to be your partner on your sustainable journey.

Our aim is to provide holistic solutions for sustainable packaging. Thereby, we are convinced of the advantages of a circular economy - to avoid waste of resources and reduce waste in general.

Collaboration is key to success

Sustainability is a complex topic and so it is not surprising that making sustainable packaging possible requires expertise on several levels. By working in a triangle with machine manufacturers, brand owners and material suppliers, we develop new sustainable solutions for the packaging industry.

Graphic Collaboration is key to success

When looking for new sustainable solutions it is not enough to focus just on the product or avoiding plastic in packaging. Within a holistic approach, the value stream including local waste disposal and recycling conditions have to be considered. This is why we engage in several consortia. By building a comprehensive network, we get a view of the complete value chain, allowing us to find true sustainable solutions.

Graphic network

Our Aim

We pursue to find the right packaging solution for your needs. Thereby, we focus on protecting the product, minimize waste, increase production efficiency and make the best use of the applied material as well as offer safe and functional packaging with a small ecological footprint. To achieve this we are following the “6 I” for a sustainable future:

  • We innovate packaging by developing pack styles and using materials with improved recyclability and small environmental impact.
  • We inspire change by collaborating with brand owners and material suppliers to bring sustainable products to the store shelf.
  • We integrate our expertise into organizations and institutions that work in the field of sustainability.
  • We invest in sustainability to become a truly sustainable company, not only in packaging technology, but also in expertise and employee mind set.
  • I can make the change come true: every employee reflects our sustainable mindset and drives our aim to provide appropriate solutions for sustainable packaging.

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