Syntegon capsule fillers for combinatioin dosages (tablet and pellets) in capsules

Pellets & Tablets

Not only for marketing reasons pellets and mini tablets are an interesting dosing application. The bioavailability can be improved by layering the ingredient with our fluid bed HDGC to pellets. Our bottom-spray system in combination with the patent Diskjet is the top in class solution for all small particle coating and layering process. A functional coating with fats, fatty acids or with natural, semi-natural or synthetic polymers for pellets or mini tablets is the solution for ingredients that require a delayed release in deeper intestinal regions (e.g. vitamine B). The ingredients can be protected from stomach acid or reach the intestinal region, where absorption is more likely.

In addition, taste adulteration can be avoided or the shelf life extended. In this case the gentle product handling and filling process into the capsules is key to avoid damages to the protective layer. Pellets and mini tablets also provide the possibility for a combination of different active ingredients. The pellets or mini tablets can consist of different ingredients or three different pellets or mini tablets can be filled into one capsule. For example, a mineral vitamin complex (e.g. vitamin B12 + folic acid + magnesium) can be created, instead of standalone products.

Syntegon offers two pellet dosing technologies (either by a pellet station or by dosing disc) that ensure gentle product handling. When using a pellet station with a dosing chamber, we can adapt the format sizes to pellet particle sizes, in order to increase filling accuracy.


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