KHS Series

Syntegon and Lighthouse Instruments join their complementary strengths to offer best-in-class headspace leak detection machines: Syntegon as a market leader in high quality machinery for pharmaceutical inspection applications and Lighthouse as the pioneer with own patented headspace analysis system.

Highly sensitive technology

Laser-based headspace analysis (HSA) measures absorption by oxygen and/or moisture molecules and rejects containers with elevated oxygen, pressure or moisture levels. As non-destructive and rapid method, it is sensitive to all leak sizes an helps to reliably detect temporary or permanent leaks. Lighthouse‘s patented calibration system with certified standards allows continuous calibration monitoring and background correction.

Robust and versatile platform

The KHS Series has been developed based on highest Syntegon quality standards. Flexible, modular and user-friendly design guarantees optimal accessibility and maintenance.

Individual pitch for each format allows longer measurement time at maximum output.

Additional future options

  • NIR application to determine water content in freeze-dried products
  • Integrated coding unit with automatic verification


Syntegon/Lighthouse measurement concept:

  • Compact platform for 100% CCI combined with optional NIR measurement and coding function
  • High detection rate and low false rejection resulting from automatic re-calibration and automatic re-inspection
  • Permanent performance monitoring
  • Fixed measurement modules to reduce wearing
  • Ergonomic design for optimal accessibility and maintenance
  • Tool-less and quick changeover
  • Easy and user-friendly operation, setup and validation
  • Technische Daten
    Technical Data: KHS 1100 KHS 1200
    Container types Ampoules, vials, cartridges
    Max. container height (mm) 180
    Diameter range (mm) 8.65-86
    Machine weight (approx. in kg) 2,500 3,000
    Power supply 3 phase, 400 VAC + N + PE, 50 Hz, 4 KVA
    Air supply 490-590 kPa (free of moisture and oils)
    Air consumption Approx. 1NL/min
    Nitrogen supply 350-550 kPa, purity 99.995%, dew point -30°C
    Nitrogen consumption Max. 10 NL/min/sensor – typ. 5 NL/min/sensor
    Ambient temperature +15 °C / +25 °C (59°F / 77°F)
    Relative humidity 0-75% RH and no condensation
    Headspace analysis Frequency modulation spectroscopy, measurement of absorption by oxygen and/or moisture molecules and rejection of containers with elevated oxygen, pressure or moisture levels
    Measurement system Up to 2 headspace modules Up to 4 headspace modules

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Anwendungsbeispiele

    Main applications

    • Laser-based headspace analysis is the preferred leak detection technology for
    • Parenteral products (lyophilized, liquid or powder)
    • Products filled under vacuum
    • Products purged with inert gases

    Patented calibration system

    The KHS Series uses Lighthouse’s patented calibration system with certified standards that are permanently mounted on the inspection star wheel. This allows continuous calibration monitoring and background correction to ensure highest measurement sensitivity.

    The KHS Series uses certified, NIST traceable standards with defined levels of

    • Oxygen
    • Vacuum
    • Moisture
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