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Visual Inspection
Visual Inspection

Automated visual inspection

Inspection is mandatory for parenteral pharmaceutical products and contributes significantly to patient safety. It can also help to improve the entire production process. We offer innovative and highly accurate technologies to detect cosmetic/attribute defects and visible particles in your product, whether they are filled with liquids, lyophilizates, or powders in syringes, vials, cartridges, or ampoules. Thanks to our long-standing inspection expertise, we offer state-of-the-art visual inspection technologies for manual, semi- and fully automated operations.


Key benefits

Product safety
Product safety
Our innovative and highly accurate inspection platforms ensure product quality by reliably detecting cosmetic defects and particles
Improve production processes
Improve production processes
The generation of analytical data supports you in gaining process knowledge and improving your processes
Combine visual and CCI inspection
Combine visual and CCI inspection
We offer machine platforms that combine visual inspection and Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) on a small footprint

Automated visual inspection systems


Innovative and highly accurate camera-based inspection for containers from 1 ml – 50 H


Pre-inspection station for pre-sorting of gross defects


Machines designed to handle the complex assembly of syringes


Ampoule inspection at highest speeds


Pre-spining functions available for product homogenization and elimination of air bubbles


Reliable and easy to validate

Static Division (SD) technology; a light transmission-based method for the inspection of moving particles in liquid products


Intelligent inspection with AI – we offer automated inspection powered by deep learning

AIM 8000 series – automated inspection machine for vials and syringes

The highly modular AIM 8000 series offers great flexibility and easy customization. The vision system is designed to handle highly complex inspection requirements for particulate and cosmetic defects. Moreover, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you achieve lower false reject rates and enhanced detection capabilites for difficult-to-inspect parenterals (DIP).


  • New vision software working with advanced vision tools
  • Improved performance: elimination of air bubbles and homogenization of the product on an optional pre-spin turret
  • Built-in re-inspection function for higher operability and maximized false reject rate management
  • AI-ready: image processing with deep-learning algorithms

Use cases

AIM 3000 for vials: Automated inspection machine with modular design for highest flexibility

The AIM3000 can be adapted optimally to inspect ampoules or vials, liquids or lyophilized products.

AIM 3000 for ampoules: Automated inspection machine with modular design for highest flexibility

The AIM3000 can be adapted optimally to inspect ampoules or vials, liquids or lyophilized products.

DIR: Fully integrated syringe inspection line without glass-to-glass contact:

A holistic solution for the de-nesting, inspection and re-nesting of pre-filled syringes.

AIM 8000 Series: Automated inspection machine for vials and ampoules

Designed to handle the wide range of containers at the maximum speed of 600 containers per minute.

AIM 8000 Series: Automated inspection machine for syringes

Designed to handle the complex assembly of syringes through proven technologies.

​AIM2023C: Automated inspection machine for cartridges

Inspection and labeling avaiblable for cartridges, vials, syringes and ampoules.

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Service Agreements

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Why choose a Syntegon automated inspection system?


About us

We have installed over 1,500 inspection machines in the market. To reach this milestone, our experts have been contributing their experience and skills to numerous developments. And they have been supporting just as many customers in making their pharmaceuticals as safe as possible with manual, semi-automated and fully automated inspection equipment.

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

Our expertise, your advantage

Customers from around the globe rely on our expertise in visual inspection

We have supported some of the most renowned industry players in boosting their efficiency, expanding operations or upgrading their equipment to meet latest manufacturing standards. Explore our customer cases to find out more about the many areas of application.


Our expertise, your advantage

“We were able to systematically identify and adapt crucial sections within our filling and sealing processes, to make them more stable and reduce the number of unnecessary rejects even further. In fact, our performance is increasing from week to week.”
- Philippe Truelle, CEO of CDM Lavoisier

CDM Lavoisier decided to change their inspection processes for no less than 30 products in four different packaging formats. They are now all inspected on the AIM 3000 from Syntegon.


Our expertise, your advantage

“This challenging project required a lot of dedication and expertise. In cooperation with Syntegon, we have implemented the world-first syringe inspection machine with AI and underline our market position, both in biotechnology production and in technology.”
- Manuel Soto, Principal Process Development Engineer at Amgen

Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, uses our AI-equipped inspection machine to reliably distinguish air bubbles at the syringe’s rubber stopper from foreign particles.


Our expertise, your advantage

We are proud to support the fight against Covid-19 together with our partners, some of the biggest contract manufacturers and multinational pharma companies worldwide.

The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging manufacturers of medicines: They have to respond fast to changing demands and supply key medicines across borders. Simultaneously, the preparation for new vaccines and therapeutics is ongoing. We are keeping up with our mission!

Learn more about visual inspection

Intelligent inspection with AI
Intelligent inspection with AI

Automated inspection machines powered by deep learning

Crucial machinery for insulin manufacturers
Crucial machinery for insulin manufacturers

High quality insulin for everyone

Inspection of milky products
Inspection of milky products

We make visible, what the eye cannot see

The AIM 5022S AI+
The AIM 5022S AI+

Stands ready to provide an effective solution against false rejections caused by air bubbles

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