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How to face the eight key trends of the future

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Our response to your needs

  • #1 How to automate for fast and efficient production

    Automation Level & Systems Provider

    Regardless of whether it’s a start-up, a medium-sized company or a large corporation – everyone is asking the same question: How can demand be met quickly and efficiently? The answer lies in automating either selected production steps or the entire production process. And this naturally also applies to your packaging technology.

    If you want to make the right long-term decisions, you need a reliable partner at your side – with an extensive portfolio and the appropriate expertise. A partner who loves challenges and for whom no production process is too complex – no matter how many steps it involves. As a Syntegon Technology customer, you benefit from our many years of experience in countless projects, our local presence in Beringen in Switzerland, Schiedam in the Netherlands and New Richmond in the USA, as well as our worldwide service locations and a global network of experts.

    Manual solutions

    For start-ups and smaller companies producing a manageable quantity of cookies and crackers, step-by-step automation is the way to go. The machine only performs selected process steps, such as primary packaging, with the infeed chain being loaded either manually or via a magazine. Subsequent packaging steps are still performed manually. As a company, it is a challenge to pack different kinds of cookies and crackers. Frequent changeovers, different packaging formats and cookie types require a well thought through engineering concept and robust machines that are easy to clean, can be delivered to your factory within four to six weeks and assure a vertical start up.

    Semi–automated solutions

    Using automated product feeding enables your company to further increase its production efficiency. Pick-and-place robots such as Delta use a vacuum suction cup or gripper arm to pick up the cookies and feed them into the flow wrapper. The robot automatically checks the quality of the cookies or similar products and only picks undamaged goods. Simple robotic solutions can handle up to 100 cookies per minute and help you to significantly increase production speed, reduce personnel costs and minimize downtime. Robots offer a hygienic alternative to manual product feeding. If required, the secondary packaging process can be automated with a cartoner.

    Fully automated solutions

    Fully automated, seamlessly integrated solutions offer maximum efficiency. Each process step runs automatically and is coordinated so that manual intervention is virtually unnecessary. High-performance machines are used in every production step, from process technology to primary and secondary packaging and case packing. In terms of product feeding, you can benefit from linear motor technology, which transports cookies and crackers particularly gently - even at maximum speed. Changeover, adjustment and cleaning times are short, while multi-leg systems with product storage and buffer facilities maximize the efficiency of the entire system.

    Systems provider

    Are you trying to coordinate different packaging machines and find interface solutions? As a systems provider, we take care of the seamless technical integration of the machines, including those supplied by third parties. Thanks to a user-friendly and uniform HMI interface, our systems are easy to control. This applies both to individual components and to the overall system. As a result, there is less need for staff training. We coordinate your integration project and support you throughout the entire lifecycle, from equipment planning to commissioning, from maintenance to optimization. Leaving you free to concentrate on your core business – producing great cookies and crackers!

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    Our product portfolio covers all levels of automation, from the partial automation of individual production steps – such as primary packaging or process technology – to the intelligent networking and full automation of large multi-leg systems with maximum overall system effectiveness.

    Whichever point you are at in the field of automation – we can help you take the next step.

  • #2 How to handle a wide variety of products

    Product Handling

    How to ensure gentle product handlingh care right from the start. Product waste and contamination of your production environment cost you money. We know that you require high packaging performance with minimal waste. That is why we work with you to ensure that your product rides through the primary and secondary packaging process undamaged and reaches the consumer in the desired quality.

    Primary packaging: on-edge feeding

    When it comes to packaging crackers, butter cookies or Marie cookies should ideally be handled and fed in an upright position (BOE, Biscuit-on-Edge). The cookies come out of the oven flat, are raised on edge, canalized and transferred to the vibratory channels or V-belts for further transport. In the event of a malfunction in the packaging process, product stores can compensate for oven performance.
    Vibratory channels are especially fast, reliable and suitable for different packaging formats – particularly for robust products. The V-belts transport the products with minimal pressure and friction, making them ideal for chocolate-coated products. As a result, we can guarantee a constant product flow.
    Once the products are aligned, they are portioned into pile or slug configurations. More robust products can be portioned using the measuring principle. At the end of the vibratory channels or V-belts, the products run into the portioning channels where they are weighed. Once the desired package weight has been reached, the cookies arranged in the slug continue their journey to the flow wrapper. The new Sigpack FGMT measurement loader is ideal for particularly robust products and achieves a speed of up to 60 deposits per minute.
    More sensitive products can be portioned using the counting principle. The cookies run into a portioning wheel and are then assembled into single or multiple slugs with a certain number of products before being fed into a flow wrapper. Once flow wrapped in hermetically tight packs, the products are then ready for their journey to the consumer.

    Primary packaging: flat handling

    Filled, gluten-free or chocolate-coated cookies and crackers are particularly sensitive. Our flat handling solutions are ideal for packaging them. Gentle handling is important to prevent product particles from breaking off that could contaminate the production environment. The cookies come out of the oven flat and are transported on conveyor belts. Depending on the specific production requirements, the system stores the products and distributes them to the packaging legs via discharge stations. Product feeding belts with linear motor technology then group the cookies into pile or slug configurations. A flow wrapper is then used to package the products in hermetically tight packs.
    Flat handling is particularly gentle because very little pressure is exerted on the individual cookie or cracker. Thanks to the linear motor technology, format changes can be carried out quickly and easily.

    Secondary packaging and case packing solutions

    We offer a suitable cartoning solution for secondary packaging and case packing for each type of cookie or cracker, packaging style and format. Our portfolio includes highly efficient, integrated top-load cartoners (TTM) for secondary packaging, end-load cartoners for products that are removed from the display carton individually by the retailer, and case packers that pack the product for transportation.

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    More than 50 years of experience in the industry have taught us one thing: every cookie and cracker is different and makes special demands on packaging technology.

    Together, we will work out which primary and secondary packaging solution best suits your cookie and the needs of the market.

  • #3 How to ensure long-lasting product protection

    Flow Wrap Expertise

    Reliable sealing and shelf life procedures are indispensable in packaging technology. Sealed packs protect high-quality products and enhance their attractiveness on the shelf. High film speeds and automated film changes ensure that your cookies and crackers can be packed quickly and efficiently. From quality to performance, from uptime to product design – sealing directly affects product safety and brand image. To a large extent, sealing integrity depends on how well the technology, production conditions and film match each other and the product.

    Sealing technologies and packaging materials

    Cookies or crackers are optimally protected by tightly sealed packages and a protective atmosphere that lasts for the duration of their shelf life. This ensures that the product remains edible for a long time. Suitable films and barrier properties, as well as – above all – the right sealing technology determine the shelf life of the product. For example, particles that become detached from the product during the manufacturing process can impair sealing. Heat sealing is ideal for cookies and is now standard for most manufacturers. Syntegon Technology has more than 60 years of sealing expertise and is constantly developing various technologies further – from mechanical sealing using rotor technology (hot and cold sealing) to sealing using our own specially designed Long-Dwell process. You can also rely on our flow wrapping expertise and solutions when it comes to modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). If your product cannot tolerate gas, our vacuum technology offers you a good alternative.

    Innovations in sealing technology

    The challenge in packaging lies in balancing quality, performance and costs. Thanks to innovative sealing technologies, manufacturers can now use more cost-effective films. For example, Amplified Heat Sealing technology (AHS) is now also able to use cheaper heat-sealing films. The basic principle is simple: two sealing jaws rotate while the static base structure runs along with the packaging material in the direction of product flow. In doing so, you can achieve up to four times longer sealing times than with fixed rotary sealing.

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    The choice of film, sealing jaw profile and sealing time depends on the product and the desired packaging. At our test center in Beringen, Switzerland, we test films for their barrier properties and advise you on the most suitable packaging materials and sealing technologies.

    Syntegon helps you achieve a high level of seal integrity – let’s do it together!

  • #4 How to produce hygienically

    Hygenic Design

    When it comes to food, quality is essential – that is why food production is governed by stringent statutory hygiene regulations. Added to this, many people today suffer from allergies and food intolerances. To avoid cross-contamination of products, many manufacturers set up separate lines for products containing allergens. If just the one line is used for production, the ability to easily and safely clean the machines is crucial. Low particle build-up and easy access to the machine are important features in the packaging process. We develop our systems in accordance with hygienic requirements. As a result, you can comply with strict safety requirements without sacrificing productivity.

    Easy cleaning

    Food manufacturers are required to clean their lines at specified intervals, which vary depending on the product and the degree of contamination associated with it. In cookie and cracker production, for example, machines become contaminated by crumbs and cookie residues. With Syntegon machines, horizontal surfaces, easy accessibility and an open design ensure that surfaces can simply be wiped down with a dry cloth and then cleaned with disinfectants. Thanks to the intuitive HMI, you can reduce belt speed at the touch of a button in order to wipe the belts even when the machine is running.

    More thorough cleaning

    With sticky products such as chocolate cookies, it is much easier for product residues to accumulate on the machine or the belts. Allergens such as nuts represent a further challenge. To comply with hygiene requirements and thoroughly clean the machine, it is necessary to change the belts or even disassemble entire machine modules. In these cases, the components need to be quick and easy to dismantle. Our aim is that you should be able to remove and replace these parts without tools. Belts and machine parts can then be cleaned and disinfected in a separate room with water or detergents. Changing belts takes no longer than 15 minutes.

    Machine design

    Hygienically designed machines are constructed in a way that ensures the various components are optimally accessible and prevents the accumulation of crumb and cookie residues. An edge-free design – without screws, niches and corners – allows the machine to be easily cleaned by hand and dismantled without the need for tools. Stainless steel surfaces are easy to wipe down and offer a high level of corrosion protection, even when using cleaning agents. To ensure that your machines are reliably and properly cleaned, we provide tailor-made training programs for your operators and cleaning teams.
    Thanks to the user-friendly HMI, malfunctions on your production lines can be detected immediately – enabling you to quickly take appropriate action. This reduces the risk of bottlenecks and contamination. The HMI can also be used to evaluate and compare the performance of your system across multiple shifts. This optimizes scheduling and downtime planning for cleaning processes and format changes.

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    With our hygienically designed machines, we make daily cleaning and format changes easier for you – ensuring that you can always produce with a clear conscience. In this way, you are free to concentrate on your core business: producing great cookies and crackers!

    With Syntegon at your side, you can easily manage the delicate balancing act between high quality and safe production.

  • #5 How to package flexibility


    To ensure that your production processes remain fit for the future, you need to be able to respond quickly and cost-effectively to market trends. If you want to achieve your production targets when producing a new type of cookie, changing the pack size or introducing an additional pack format, you need maximum flexibility in your process and packaging technology. With our solutions, we ensure that you can complete changeovers quickly and achieve a vertical start up with reproducible settings each and every time.

    Mechanical technologies

    Well-proven and conventional solutions help our customers worldwide to achieve their production targets. The user-friendliness of our machines ensures trouble-free changeovers for different formats or products. We guarantee speed and simplicity! In this respect, the diversity and number of products is not a deciding factor. Thanks to our HMI, the individual maintenance and changeover steps are intuitive and easy to understand. In addition, format changeovers can be carried out without tools.

    Linear motor technology

    If retailers request a different product, packing style or configuration, linear motor technology enables you to change your production line in no time at all. These flexible product feed modules allow format and packing style changes at the touch of a button. For example, you can switch back and forth between pile packs of one, three or five cookies. For slug packs, you can choose between configurations with three, nine or 17 cookies. Quick changeovers not only help you achieve your production goals – optimal use of space in square meters is also crucial for your production process. Thanks to our individual concept, we can guarantee this without any problems. For maximum flexibility, the 2-in-1 Biscuit Line allows you to produce pile and slug packs on the same machine.

    Robotic solutions

    Robotic solutions offer additional flexibility in the packaging process. They can be combined with both a linear motor feeder as well as a chain feeder. Based on the product characteristics, we can recommend the right grippers to ensure that the product is guided gently.
    Robotic solutions for product feeding are particularly suitable for start-ups or smaller companies. In this case, manual feeding is replaced by two small robots that grip the products and insert them into the infeed chain of the flow wrapper.
    Medium-sized manufacturers and large enterprises use larger robot configurations that guarantee maximum flexibility at high speeds. As long as the gripper does not need to be replaced, format settings for the robot can easily be made on the HMI.

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    Production and format changeovers need to be simple, intuitive and reproducible. Our solutions eliminate setting errors and reduce changeover times. When designing our machines, we place the highest value on user-friendliness. Poka-Yoke approaches are part of our DNA.

    Working in partnership, we will develop flexible packaging solutions that save you time, money and materials.

  • #6 How to produce efficiently

    Best In Class Production

    If you are able to make full use of your production capacities and optimally meet peaks in demand, the chances are good for a substantial increase in turnover. In this context, the maximum output rate and the performance of your machines play an important role. High efficiency through specific solutions with minimal product handling influence overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your process and packaging technology – thus significantly affecting the economic success of your company.

    Vertical restart

    After downtime, it is particularly important that your plant reaches peak performance again in the shortest possible time. To ensure that this is the case from the very first minute, our systems are especially user-friendly. The HMI localizes problems and displays them in detail so that downtime can be minimized and production can continue straight away.

    Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

    The OEE Consulting Service from Syntegon Technology offers you an integrated package. In addition to OEE consulting in the strict sense, our experts also support you more widely in the implementation of specific solution concepts. Throughout the entire consulting period, Syntegon experts are on site to help you increase the efficiency of your packaging lines. Using the data collected, our engineers identify system weaknesses and formulate individual suggestions for improvement. In the future, OEE consulting will also become increasingly important for the development of new machines. Optimization suggestions are integrated into research and development and ensure that the supplied machines meet market requirements.

    Total cost of ownership (TCO)

    When making an investment, purchase price is not the only factor you need to consider. The total cost of ownership (TCO) takes the additional costs associated with the purchase of machinery, such as energy consumption, into account. A TCO analysis covers all expenses incurred over the entire lifecycle of a system. This makes it a valuable asset when making purchasing decisions.

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    As a manufacturer, you need to use your resources optimally to remain competitive on a long-term basis. With OEE consulting, we support you in identifying critical factors in the production process that can lead to unplanned downtime, loss of output and material waste.

    Together, we will increase the efficiency of your packaging technology – leaving you free to concentrate on your core business: producing great cookies and crackers!

  • #7 How to package sustainability


    Packaging makes sure that your cookie or cracker is fresh and undamaged by the time it reaches consumers. At the same time, tight packaging contributes to sustainability: it helps prevent food waste and thus conserves natural resources. 
    Packaging is at the heart of the current sustainability debate: How much packaging is necessary? Is it made from renewable raw materials? Is it recyclable? We can help you shoulder your responsibility towards people and the environment and have a wealth of information on sustainability available for you.

    Conventional packaging materials

    Flow wrapping is ideal primary packaging for cookies and crackers. The pillow packs generally consist of multi-layer plastic composite films with outstanding barrier properties: they protect the cookie or cracker against external influences and can be sealed tightly. However, multi-layer packaging cannot be recycled as the various layers consist of different types of plastic. 


    Alternatives to composite materials are already available, such as monomaterial recyclable films, consisting of a single type of plastic. Using a different packaging material requires changes in terms of packaging technology: Monomaterial films are more sensitive to temperature, which has to be taken into account during the sealing process. Syntegon is continuously working on new concepts and technologies. Furthermore, Syntegon has the necessary technical expertise to adjust the sealing times and the sealing jaws on the flow wrapper to the film properties. Due to our long-standing experience in this field, we can advise you which materials and technologies are best suited for your products and packaging formats.

    Bio-based plastics

    Composites made from bio-based material are a sustainable alternative to conventional multi-layer plastic films. In the production process, renewable resources such as sugar cane are used instead of fossil raw materials. 
    Tests in our test laboratory in Beringen (Switzerland) have shown that bio-based material can be processed on our machines. As with all composites, the individual layers still have to be separated, but in production they score with a significantly better carbon footprint. By using bio-plastics, you can make your packaging more sustainable without considerable technical effort.  

    Paper as a renewable material

    Most cookie and cracker manufacturers use folding cartons and cardboard boxes for secondary packaging and case packing. Paper packaging stands out - for retailers and consumers alike - in terms of sustainability as it is made from a renewable and recyclable material. Initial concepts can now use paper as packaging material for primary packaging. Syntegon is also working on technological solutions like this for the future.

    Why is Syntegon Technology the right partner?
    In order to deliver a perfect product to your customers - not just today but also in 50 years' time, sustainable packaging solutions are more important than ever. 

    Together we will find the best packaging technology and material for your cookie or cracker.

  • #8 How to ensure a lifecycle approach

    Solutions Provider

    Your production will run more smoothly if you coordinate your packaging processes and machines. The more machines you operate, the more interfaces you have and the more complex the task. If you work with us as a systems provider, we will coordinate your integration project and support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your system. In this way, you can successfully take your first steps towards automation in general or tackle the full automation of a multi-leg system.

    New machines

    Whether you are looking for a single machine, a complex system or a customized solution, Syntegon Technology offers process and packaging technology from a single source that meets your needs. We provide comprehensive advice on the planning and implementation of your projects and support you from conception to commissioning and maintenance. Whatever your production goals, we can help you achieve them.

    Training programs

    The effectiveness of your process and packaging system depends not only on the technology, but also on the optimum interplay between machine and operator. Get the most out of your system with the help of the Syntegon Packaging Academy. The Academy is able to draw upon a global and comprehensive knowledge pool for the entire range of Syntegon Technology systems.
    As a leading provider of process and packaging technology, we are happy to share our expertise with you and your technical specialists via customized vocational and advanced training programs.

    Further modernization

    If you want your packaging machines to continue delivering full performance even after decades of use, we recommend comprehensive modernization. This is where the Syntegon Technology modernization service comes into its own.
    Our services range from technical upgrades for your current machinery and processes to comprehensive machine conversions and retrofits. Compliance with current safety regulations is as much a matter of course for us as the use of high-performance technology. Whether you want to introduce new packaging formats on modernized lines or extend the service life of your machines, we are there for you. Our experts are also available to help you improve the efficiency and availability of your existing packaging line.

    Aftersales support

    You can order a wide range of spare parts for our tailor-made machines and line concepts. With original parts from Syntegon Technology, you can be confident that your machines will perform optimally for a long time to come. Our e-portal provides you with comprehensive support in spare parts management and machine maintenance. This information and ordering platform also offers round-the-clock information on products, prices, availability and delivery times.

    What makes Syntegon Technology your ideal partner?
    As a systems provider, we ensure the seamless technical integration of all machines – including those supplied by third parties. We undertake the entire coordination of your project. Thanks to the uniform interface of our machines, individual components can be controlled easily. This minimizes the need for training and education.

    With Syntegon at your side, you are free to concentrate on your core business – producing great cookies and crackers!

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