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Biscuits, Cookies
Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers

Cookies and crackers packaging machine

Cookie packaging machines for efficient and flexible biscuit, cookie, and cracker packaging

No other food segment is as diverse as the cookie, biscuit, and cracker market. Whether round, square or oval; sweet or savory; made from wheat, oats, or whole grain, choices are endless. While this huge product variety is delightful for consumers, manufacturers must meet the challenge of finding the right packaging machine for their products. As a trusted industry partner, Syntegon provides a broad portfolio of handling and flow wrapping solutions. All of our packaging machines and systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing production environments, enabling a quick response to changing production demands with varying degrees of automation.

Our expertise in cookie packaging and cracker packaging

Slug pack
Measured or counted products are erected upright and packed into so-called slugs, i.e. arranged in a row.
Pile pack
Stacked products are flow-wrapped individually or in piles of four to six products per pack.
Pile and Slug pack
A vertical start-up and linear motor technology enable changes between pack styles in next to no time.
Vertical packs
Our wide range of continuous motion vertical form fill and seal baggers (VFFS) supports easy bagging of free-flowing goods.
Tray pack
Our solutions enable you to flow-wrap different types of tray packs, including concepts with paper trays.
Carton and case pack
We support you beyond primary packaging – cartoning machines and case packers are among our specialties.

Handled with care: Your cookies and crackers deserve the best

Our love of biscuits

With Syntegon at your side, you can focus on your core competence: producing cookies and crackers. Our core competence? Providing process and packaging machines to customers around the world for over 100 years. Take advantage of our cookie packaging and cracker packaging expertise for your next project!


Exciting insights into cookie, biscuit, and cracker packaging

Our white paper will guide you through the current trends in cookie packaging machines and cracker packaging and help you understand how manufactures respond to different production challenges. Varying levels of automation and customized handling and infeed solutions are only some of the strategies we focus on.

The gain of linear motors (XTS)

Due to the high degree of flexibility that is becoming increasingly important in the confectionery industry, Syntegon recognized the potential of XTS technology from Beckhoff early on. The Syntegon team in Beringen has been working with the Beckhoff experts since 2011 and was one of the first XTS customers. No other manufacturer in the packaging industry has implemented as many XTS applications as Syntegon. 

Cookies and crackers packaging machine portfolio

Crackers and plain cookies are mainly transported through the respective packaging lines in an upright position, each product standing up on its edge. On-edge solutions are generally more compact since multiple columns run alongside each other during the feeding process, offering maximum storage capacities. A key element of efficient cookie and cracker packaging operations are vibratory channels, which ensure a safe product transport for on-edge products, while ensuring a hassle-free production environment. Syntegon relies on a flexible buffering system for different biscuit shapes.


Cookies and crackers packaging machines
– handling options at a glance


The right handling system

When it comes to handling and packaging trend-driven products like cookies and crackers, packaging machines and systems must fulfil several requirements to ensure future-proof production – a challenge and opportunity at the same time. Irrespective of their company’s size, manufacturers around the world need a reliable partner to make sure products reach consumers in perfect condition.

Key benefits
  • Pack style flexibility
  • Rapid and thorough cleaning
  • High overall equipment efficiency
  • System solutions
  • Sealing technologies
The stakes are high

When it comes to long-term production and market success, cookie and cracker manufacturers especially rely on their handling and infeed solutions. These have to offer high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and buffer capacity, while enabling quick cleaning processes and format changes. Depending on the product characteristics and desired pack styles, manufacturers can choose between different handling solutions of cookies packaging machine – on-edge, flat or robotic handling.


Our expertise, your advantage

"Knowing each other’s business for more than 25 years is a great advantage and translates into an open and trustful business and personal relationship"

Sir Boyd Tunnock, CEO of Thomas Tunnock Ltd.

Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd. -1

Our expertise, your advantage

"We highly appreciate that Syntegon is represented locally by a team of specialists. For us, this is definitely a major advantage. Production is now in the safe hands of Syntegon service technicians and two experts, who have been trained on this specific system and its technologies"

Hector Laing, Manager of the gluten free factory at Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd.


delroy m. walsh-operations-manager-at-wibisco

Our expertise, your advantage

"Besides being able to rely on cutting edge technology, we are also very happy with the relationship with Syntegon and enjoy having a strong partner at our side"

Delroy M. Walsh, Operations Manager at Wibisco



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Cookies and crackers packaging machine downloads

Reference lines overview
Reference lines overview

Explore the different systems we have delivered worldwide.

Whitepaper Guide Cookie, Biscuit and Cracker
Whitepaper Guide Cookie, Biscuit and Cracker

Guide through the trends and challenges of packaging technologies.

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