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Food packaging machinery

Processing and packaging machines for the food industry

We have supported food manufacturers with processing and packaging machines and equipment for more than 160 years. Our portfolio includes stand-alone food packaging machines and complete system solutions for the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging of food products such as bars, biscuits, bakery, frozen food and dairy, as well as processing technology for confectionery. With our packaging technologies with short changeover times to accommodate numerous pack styles, we are keeping up with changing consumer needs. As a leader in sustainable packaging solutions, we are striving to reduce the environmental impact of packaged food. Our global team of service experts ensures safe and reliable packaging processes.

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Horizontal Packaging
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Case Packing
Robotic Solutions
Confectionery Processing
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We offer processing and packaging machines for various segments of the food industry

Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers
Chocolate & Bars
Coffee & Tea
Dairy & Liquid Food
Fresh & Chilled Food
Frozen Food
Pasta, Rice & Noodles
Pet Food
Powders & Granules
Snacks & Nuts

Our expertise in food packaging equipment

New VFFS series

The new SVX-series features a patent pending cross seal drive, providing the highest speeds in the industry. With an intuitive user interface plus a footprint so small, the SVX integrates seamlessly into new and existing packaging lines.

Horizontal handling

Learn more about the huge gain of linear motors (XTS) for high-performance packaging machines. Due to the increased high degree of flexibility demanded by our confectionery customers, we recognized the potential of XTS technology from Beckhoff early on.

Sustainable packaging technology

What if food packaging could help preserve our planet? Let us challenge our view on conventional packaging – for a more sustainable world.

Paper packaging for bars

Confectionery and plastic flexibles go together like a horse and carriage – or at least they used to. Times are changing, and so are the materials that bars are wrapped in. Today, consumer goods companies are looking for more sustainable materials. Together with Mars Wrigley, we are investigating the flow wrapping potential of paper.

Topload cartoning with integrated delta robot

The robotic solution's camera-based vision control system detects products on the infeed belt. The delta robots pick single or multiple products arriving in random order and reliably place them in cartons, trays or other containers according to specifications.

Liquid food filling

Meet our new filling machine for liquid food and dairy, the LFS. Its modular design offers maximum flexibility and adaptability to changing market demands, while its hygienic machine design complies with the most stringent product safety standards (3-A).

Chocolate paper packaging

Nestlé R&D in York has successfully shown how to switch their UK SMARTIES® tablet from conventional packaging to paper packaging: by approaching us and installing our new upgrade kit “paper-ON-form” on their existing flow wrappers.

Coffee packaging machines

The focus of our innovative packaging solutions is to preserve the unique aroma of coffee and its premium quality. We have developed valve technologies that allow a residual oxygen content of less than 1%, so none of coffee’s thousands aroma components are lost.

Maximum pack style flexibility to keep up with ever changing consumer needs

Ideal for chocolate and bar products using composite, mono-material or paper.
Pillow bags
Ideal for confectionery, frozen food, snacks and powders using composite or mono-material plastic or paper.
Carton trays
Produced with our lock-style technology, glueless carton trays are a real alternative for commonly used plastic trays.
Cups and bottles
Available in clean, ultra-clean and aseptic versions, our cup and bottle filling machines ensure highest flexibility and filling accuracy.
Gusseted bags
Ideal for bakery products using composite, mono-material or paper.
Corner-seal stand-up bags
Ideal for cookies, snacks and confectionery using composite or mono-material plastic.
Featuring various carton styles: from topload, endload to wraparound.
Paper pods
The use of stretchable paper results in shaped paper pods with unique 3D effects, ideal for portion packs.
Slug or pile bags
Ideal for biscuits and cookies using composite or mono-material plastic.
Doy (zip) stand-up pouches
High shelf appeal with optional zipper, using composite/mono-material plastic or paper.
Featuring over 100 case designs, including various wraparound and shelf-ready pack styles.
Sealed paper trays and cups

Suitable for sensitive food products featuring an easy detachment of the barrier layer and the lid.


Whitepaper: Handled with care
Whitepaper: Handled with care

Your cookies and crackers deserve the best handling and packaging solution.

Whitepaper: Meeting safety regulations for frozen food
Whitepaper: Meeting safety regulations for frozen food

Hygienic machine design and automation technologies, from primary to secondary packaging.

Whitepaper: Energy bars on the rise
Whitepaper: Energy bars on the rise

Latest insights on processing and packaging for a demanding product.

Whitepaper: Vertical packaging options for the frozen food industry
Whitepaper: Vertical packaging options for the frozen food industry

Hygienic, flexible packaging solutions including stand up bags like full corner seal or Doy.

Whitepaper: Sustainable coffee packaging
Whitepaper: Sustainable coffee packaging

The future of the coffee market and a checklist for long-term success.

Whitepaper: Production and packaging of health bars
Whitepaper: Production and packaging of health bars

Impact of the product characteristics of health and nutrition bars on the packaging process.

Whitepaper: Shifting to sustainable packaging
Whitepaper: Shifting to sustainable packaging

A guide through the maze of sustainable packaging solutions.

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Service Agreements

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Digital Solutions

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