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Capsule Filling
Capsule Filling

Capsule filling machine

Syntegon capsule filling solutions

Our capsule filling machine series provide best conditions for highest pharmaceutical standards – from R&D and pilot scale to high production volumes. Whether you need to fill powders, (mini-) tablets, pellets, granules, liquids, or different combinations into hard shell capsules (HPMC or gelatin), we offer you the appropriate process technology for the production of both pharmaceutical and health and nutrition products. We also provide a containment concept for several machine platforms for the production of potent APIs up to OEB 4 or OEB 5, which ensure the highest operator protection.

Filling applications


Dosing station with optimized slide-gate technology for the filling of powders, granules, and pellets.


The pellet station is a gentle, precise, and compact option for the volumetric dosing of pellets with different characteristics.

(Micro-) tablets

The tablet station doses single and multiple tablets into capsules gently and precisely – from big oblong to micro-tablets.

Vacuum-wheel dosing

Vacuum-wheel dosing is especially suited for dry powder inhalation (DPI) and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dosing with a high accuracy for small quantities.


The liquid station enables the precise volumetric dosing of hydrophilic to thixotropic liquids. It can also heat liquids for optimum viscosity during the filling process.


The GKF series can fill a wide array of product combinations thanks to its modular assembly. Various successful projects underline our expertise.

Why a Syntegon capsule filler?


We have experience

Syntegon is your reliable partner for process technology in the global pharmaceutical industry. We offer you solutions for all requirements – from R&D and pilot scale to high volume production, based on more than 50 years of experience in capsule filling.

  • Capsule filling machine for powder, pellets, (micro-) tablets, liquids, and combinations
  • Quality control during manufacturing through NWDS capacitive sensor
  • PAT Classic for detailed insights into critical process parameters
  • Counting systems for tablet filling
  • Modular and flexible machine design
  • Integrated IPC control system (gravimetrical scale)
  • Automatic high-precision capsule checkweighing

Our capsule filling machines

Our capsule filling portfolio at a glance


GKF Performance series

The future-proof GKF Performance series features highly flexible machine platforms that ensure the highest pharmaceutical production standards. Based on more than 50 years of experience in capsule filling, the machines facilitate complex dosing processes and are equipped with fully integrated inspection technologies. All capsule filling machines of the Performance series are also available with the Syntegon ProTect and HiProTect containment concept for highest operator protection.


GKF Selection series

The GKF Selection series provides best conditions for modern, flexible, and safe capsule filling operations. All machines are capable of filling different types of products or combinations into hard shell capsules (HPMC or gelatin). Thanks to their modular assembly, the capsule fillers can accommodate filling applications for (mini-) tablets, pellets, granules, liquids, or combinations. Quick changeover times and intuitive handling make the GKF Selection series your ideal choice for the production of both pharmaceutical and health and nutrition products.


GKF Containment series

Containment is all about operator safety. The product area is separated from the personnel area by a barrier system to prevent any negative impacts (contamination). Syntegon provides two different solutions for OSD (Oral Solid Dosage) processing under containment conditions: the ProTect (up to OEB 4) and HiProTect (up to OEB 5) execution. We further offer three different cleaning approaches for closed capsule filling machines, which you can adapt to your specific needs together with our experts.


GKF Capsylon series

The GKF Capsylon machine series is specially designed for the nutrition and health industry. It provides the renowned Syntegon quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. The capsule filling machines are suited for the filling of powders, pellets and granules into capsules. They meet the growing need for high efficiency, easy operation, and simple cleaning. The GKF Capsylon series is the ideal solution to increase your production capacity while reducing unit dosage costs.

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Capsule filling downloads

Pharma Solid overview brochure
Pharma Solid overview brochure

Discover our solutions for mixing, drying, granulating, coating, capsule filling, and tablet pressing.

R&D Equipment
R&D Equipment

Our R&D equipments

Automated Process Development (APD)
Automated Process Development (APD)

A sophisticated approach to laboratory automation.

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