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Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

The Syntegon Group has an independent supply chain network that holds many advantages for our suppliers and customers. Decisions are made quickly and competently because they are tailored exactly to Syntegon's processes. Our purchasing organization has clear responsibilities, enabling us to assign fixed contact persons to each suppliers.

Our success is also linked to the commitment of our suppliers. We offer interesting opportunities for innovative partners who are interested in a long-term, performance-oriented cooperation. Syntegon works with its suppliers as equals. Our goal is to select partners according to their specific strengths, to enter long-term contracts, and give them planning security. This gives them the opportunity to further develop and expand their own strengths. At the same time, we would like our suppliers to drive innovation and support Syntegon in a responsible partnership that helps our customers to master their challenges quickly.

We commit our business partners and ourselves to sustainable business practices and respect for human rights along the entire supply chain. The key rules are set out in our code of conduct for business partners.


Requirements for our suppliers

Syntegon is interested in entering longer-term contracts with its suppliers and have defined a set of requirements.

First and foremost, we expect an indisputable commitment to compliance and law, as well as responsible and sustainable corporate governance. This includes taking ethical, social, and environmental concerns into account in all business activities.

Furthermore, in addition to competitive prices, we expect our suppliers to share our own standards in terms of innovative strength, high quality, and service.

As a responsible, globally active group of companies, we are fully committed to ensuring compliance with human rights principles and environmental protection requirements along our entire value chain and to continuously identifying, assessing and minimising risks to human rights and environmental protection.  

The code of conduct for business partners summarizes our key regulations for legal compliance, as well as for responsible and fair business conduct. It is binding for all our suppliers.

Our suppliers undertake to apply a quality assurance system analogous to ISO 9001 and also apply these principles in their supply chains. They use appropriate measures to ensure the quality of their deliveries and those of their supplier companies. Together, we ensure preventive quality assurance, which helps us to avoid mistakes and to improve continuously.

We expect all our suppliers with a purchasing volume greater than EUR 100,000 per year, and in other defined cases to conclude a framework agreement with us. This creates the basis to process transactions, establish an efficient, secure and smooth supply relationship, and distribute risks in a balanced way. The aim is to establish corporate agreements for the purchase of products based on individual contracts, purchase orders and delivery schedules.

If we have not concluded a corporate agreement with a supplier, our general terms and conditions of purchase apply.

For products related to Free and Open Source Software, Syntegon has supplementary terms and conditions of purchase.

We prefer to receive invoices from our suppliers by e-mail in PDF format, if this is legally permissible. In the near future, we will also be able to process machine-readable formats.

Detailed information about the legal entities that use Basware as service provider can be found below.

Human rights officer

On November 29, 2023, the executive board of Syntegon Technology GmbH appointed Sebastian Östreicher as the company’s human rights officer. The human rights officer monitors risk management for compliance with the due diligence obligations under the Supply Chain Act and checks whether effective and appropriate measures are taken to implement and execute risk management at Syntegon.

In addition, the human rights officer supports the company in fulfilling the documentation obligations that Syntegon must comply with under the Supply Chain Act and in preparing an annual report. He informs the executive board about his activities at least once a year and on an ad hoc basis.

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Supplier Portal

Good communication and an efficient and secure exchange of information are the key to a successful collaboration. Our Supplier Portal is our solution for standardized data exchange and collaboration. We use the marketplace solution from Jaggaer (formerly Pool4Tool) and want to rapidly expand our electronic catalogs in eProcurement and EDI connections.

We expect all our suppliers to be registered on the portal. This includes regularly updating relevant master data, uploading new certificates as well as adapting your internal processes if necessary to enable fast and efficient digital end-to-end processes with us.

Questions regarding the Syntegon Supplier Portal (Jaggaer)

  • Suppliers can show their full range of services and product offerings to Syntegon.
  • The platform offers better data consistency, as each supplier maintains its own company master data.
  • Jaggaer offers a free of charge web-EDI interface to Syntegon ERP systems.
  • Supplier evaluations by Syntegon will be made visible to the supplier in the tool.
  • Moreover, Syntegon will soon implement the request and quote (eRFQ) process via Jaggaer Direct.

We will contact you and you will receive a registration invitation e-mail from Jaggaer. A step-by-step instruction is available in our download section.

  • Yes, all functionalities that our suppliers need to stay in business are free of charge. Registration, managing your master data and certificates, the Web-EDI, hosting of electronic catalogues and all future functionalities will remain free of charge.
  • A classic EDI connection via Jaggaer offers many benefits for suppliers with numerous orders and order positions. This solution is not free of charge but also not mandatory.

Download: General and Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Supplier Step by Step Guide for Registration in Jaggaer Portal
Supplier Step by Step Guide for Registration in Jaggaer Portal

Code of Conduct for Business Partners, Syntegon Group
Code of Conduct for Business Partners, Syntegon Group

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Syntegon Group Germany
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Syntegon Group Germany

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Syntegon Technology India Private Limited
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Syntegon Technology India Private Limited

Syntegon Supplier Manual, Version 5.0
Syntegon Supplier Manual, Version 5.0

Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Work and Services Syntegon Group Germany
Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Work and Services Syntegon Group Germany