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Chocolate & Bars
Chocolate & Bars

Chocolate and bar packaging machines

Chocolate and bar packaging machines are essential in the food industry, especially for chocolate bar packaging. With our expertise in chocolate bar wrapping and packaging, we provide various automation levels to address critical production challenges like speed, uptime, hygiene, flexibility, and efficiency. Our chocolate bar wrapping machine is designed to seamlessly fit into your production environment, allowing for smooth operations while minimizing bottlenecks and downtime. Moreover, our wrapping machines and packaging solutions significantly reduce operator errors and maintenance costs, helping you to keep pace with rapidly evolving market needs.

Our expertise

Chocolate bars

Our extensive range of chocolate bar packaging machines includes entry-level flow wrappers and fully automated systems, ensuring efficient wrapping and packaging for a variety of chocolate bars.

Health and nutrition bars

Our solutions for health and nutrition bars, including cereal bars, feature extra gentle distribution and contactless feeding, making our wrapping machines and packaging processes ideal for delicate products.


You can easily produce multipacks with our traditional infeed chains or advanced linear motor technologies.

Chocolate tablets / bars

In our chocolate tablet and bar segment, we offer wrapping machines and packaging solutions that can adapt to any chocolate tablet format.

Cartoning solutions

We cover all kinds of carton styles. Find out more about our cartoning solutions.

Case packing

Case packing styles abound, and our solutions have got you covered. Find out more about our case packing systems.

Raising the bar with seamless systems


Energy bars on the rise

Products with a health and nutritional benefit are one of the fastest-growing segments within the snack bar market, attracting manufacturers of all sizes. Explore our white paper to get exciting insights into the unique challenges of energy bar packaging.

Chocolate bars in paper-based packaging

High-speed and cold seal application: our retrofit-kit “paper-ON-form” allows you to process paper-based packaging on already installed as well as new horizontal flow wrapping machines.

Entry-level bar packaging

U.S. company Wilde Snacks was tired of the sugary, low-protein bar options on the market. With their meat-based protein bar, they offer consumers a truly unique experience. Syntegon helped them to formulate the best packaging solution for their needs.

Robotic energy bar packaging

Family start-up YouBar manufactures and develops cutting-edge protein bars. Since they offer custom products and flexible minimum order quantities, they were looking for a highly flexible packaging line. Syntegon designed and manufactured a fully automated solution, including a flow wrapper, robotic loading and secondary packaging equipment.

Granola bar packaging

Bar expert Riverside was looking for a long-term partner who could deliver reliable and flexible equipment for their granola bars, but also provide market trend expertise. Our packaging machines offer highly flexible, seamless, and efficient handling, supporting the company’s packaging processes for granola bars in different sizes.

The gain of linear motors (XTS)

Due to the high degree of flexibility that is becoming increasingly important in the confectionery industry, Syntegon recognized the potential of XTS technology from Beckhoff early on. The Syntegon team in Beringen has been working with the Beckhoff experts since 2011 and was one of the first XTS customers. No other manufacturer in the packaging industry has implemented as many XTS applications as Syntegon

Integrated systems

The Syntegon bar line is a highlight in our portfolio, enabling gentle product handling and smooth transfers, which is crucial for chocolate bars. This line, with its wrapping machines and packaging technologies, is capable of handling products from cereal to chocolate bars at varying speeds, depending on product size and factory layout. Our wrapping machines and packaging systems ensure that chocolate bars are handled with the utmost care.


Our expertise, your advantage

„We love the consistency of the machine. It produces the perfect seal we need every time. The wave is coming and we’re out there with our surfboard.“

Jason Wright, co-founder and CEO of Wilde Snacks




Our expertise, your advantage

“Syntegon provided equipment that allowed us to be flexible to our customer's needs.”

Anthony Flynn, YouBar founder



Our expertise, your advantage

„For our MadeGood granola bars, we wanted to find a best-in-class solution from mix to pallet.“

Nima Fotovat, President of Riverside Natural Foods Ltd



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Service Agreements

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