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Freeze Dryer
Freeze Dryer

Pharmaceutical lyophilizer


Industrial freeze dryer incl. loading/unloading system

Stabilizing temperature-sensitive products is a major quality prerequisite. But how to achieve this in a reliable way? The answer is freeze drying with our flexible lyophilization process. We have built the matching technology into a highly scalable freeze dryer system, allowing you to lyophilize small to large batches of thermolabile products, such as oncological medicines, vaccines, or antibodies. The system’s modular concept perfectly adapts to your working environment and can be fully integrated into an entire range of GMP-compliant machines. Our patented lyophilizer loading/unloading system ensures safe and efficient processes while saving a considerable amount of space.


Key benefits

Our industrial freeze dryer is designed to process different container sizes and formats.
Homogenous temperature distribution contributes to high product quality.
Thanks to its front pusher technology, our loading system has the industry’s most compact design.

Pharmaceutical lyophilizer incl. loading/unloading system

Ever wondered what happens inside a pharmaceutical freeze dryer? Or how you can load and unload lyophilizers efficiently? From shelf loading to hygienic CIP via tilted shelves, there is much to discover, as you will see in our video.

Maximum process safety with a small footprint – these are only two benefits of the patented freeze dryer loading system from Schoeller Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM). It also includes a new front pusher to safely load vials into the lyophilizer freeze dryer. Check out the video to see how!


The pharmaceutical lyophilizer developed by the Syntegon subsidiary SBM is a true allrounder. It combines modularity and a flexibile design, making optimum use of the available space while processing a wide array of container sizes and formats. As such, the GMP-compliant freeze dryer is not only suited to produce small and large batches. The lyophilizer also pays off regarding energy efficiency: especially light product shelves reduce the amount of material that needs cooling and heating. These intelligent solutions help to significantly shorten secondary processes and contribute to the lyophilizer’s energy-saving potential.


  • Harmonized interfaces, components, and documentation for use with upstream and downstream equipment from Syntegon
  • Optimized temperature distribution on the shelves
  • Continuous height adjustment of the slot door opening

Technical data of our freeze dryers

up to 
% automatized & repeatable manufacturing process for our SBM shelves
up to 
2R vials per minute for loading and unloading with our patent system
up to  
degrees automatic tilting of the shelves via patented actuator module
Years of experience and competence in the construction of pressure vessels
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Why choose our pharmaceutical lyophilizer?


Lyophilization experience

  • Batch flexibility: freeze drying from small batch up to production volumes in vertical and horizontal design
  • Pioneering technology: modularity and an advanced loading principle secure production efficiency
  • Process reliability: our lyophilizers comprise thoroughly tested modules and software for reliable processes
years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

Our expertise, your advantage

Thermo-sensitive pharmaceuticals are a challenging product, and one that we master especially well. To this effect, we follow a comprehensive approach that covers both freeze drying and loading/unloading: our reliable lyophilization process secures consistent product quality, exposing all containers to the same homogenous temperature. You can load and unload containers just as safely thanks to our patented system with the latest pusher technology for gentle handling.

Freeze dryer downloads

Digital Brochure
Digital Brochure

The key facts about SBM and our portfolio speak for themselves. Take a look at our brochure for more details.

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