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Vial Powder Processing
Vial Powder Processing

Dry powder filling machines

Pharmaceutical powders form the basis of numerous antibiotics and other medicines that are essential for comprehensive medical care. While liquid pharmaceuticals are already challenging to fill, powders add a level of complexity due to their consistency. The finely ground active ingredients generate dust easily. Hence, machine operators must be protected from these sometimes toxic or potent ingredients and vice versa. With more than 250 machines sold globally, Syntegon has been supporting customers in pharmaceutical powder filling for more than 60 years. Our experts will be happy to pass on their expertise to you, too!

Our expertise

Antibiotic powders for injection

Sterile powders are a common and important dosage form for active molecules that are not stable in an aqueous/liquid environment and cannot be marketed as ready-to-use injectables. Typical molecules in this category include beta-lactam antibiotics such as penicillin, cephalosporins, or acyclovir.

Micro pellets

Spray-freeze-dried pellets are an innovative drug form. Sterile medicines are freeze-dried to very small but uniform balls. The main drivers of this promising lyophilization process: higher possible concentrated protein formulations, flexibility in mixing various pellets/spheres, as well as logistic advantages.

Other sterile powders

Apart from antibiotics, there are further powders used for injection. Their formulation consists of drugs only or drug and excipient, both in a crystalline form. This dosage form is less cost-sensitive compared to directly lyophilized primary vials, since they require less energy and less infrastructure for aseptic production.

Powder filling machines & features

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Solutions for complete lines

Pure media are essential utilities in parenteral pharmaceutical manufacturing. From “cold” membrane-based systems for the generation of PW, HPW, and WFI and “hot” distillation-based systems for the production of WFI and PS, to the corresponding storage systems and distribution to the point of use, our portfolio provides a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated pure media infrastructure. For your drug product compounding needs, in turn, we also offer formulation systems. Comprising a wide range of process vessels and their automation as well as all associated peripherals including media supply and CIP/SIP units, our modular processing systems truly are “the perfect match for every batch.”


  • Generation, storage, and distribution of pure media
  • New: cold membrane process (MWFI)
  • Formulation systems for multiple process steps

Our solutions for powder filling


AFG 5000

The AFG 5000 is the innovation for filling and closing sterile powders in vials. It features a specially developed transport system that adjusts the speed during filling, weighing and stoppering to speed up the workflow. The 100 % in-process control (IPC) avoids any unnecessary product loss – an important advantage when producing cost-sensitive antibiotics such as penicillin or cephalosporins. Our highly flexibel AFG is available in several machine versions with different features and output rates from 160 up to 480 vials per minute.


ALF 5000 P

The ALF 5000 P series fills and closes sterile powders in the medium and high-performance range. It is especially suited for antibiotics for humans and animals such as penicillin or cephalosporins. Moreover, it can also be used to fill highly potent powder drugs like cytotoxics or cytostatics into vials. The machine series is especially flexible and has a very compact design. You have the choice: the ALF P can process vials from 2 to 250 milliliters with outputs of up to 7,500 vials per hour.


ARF 1000 P

If you are looking for a flexible filling and closing machine for industrial small production and studies of pharmaceutical powders, our ARF 1000 P is the right choice. The intermittent, rotary machine achieves an output of up to 6,000 containers per hour. You receive the highest flexibility and efficiency combined with a small footprint. The optional 100 % in-process control (IPC) adds to safe and reliable results.

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Dry powder filling downloads

Portfolio overview brochure
Portfolio overview brochure

Our solutions for processing powder in vials

Trend article on powder filling
Trend article on powder filling

Insights into maximum safety and efficiency during filling

How has the market for antibiotics changed?​
How has the market for antibiotics changed?​

Interview with our expert Markus Heinz

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