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Confectionery packaging and processing solutions

Looking for a partner for candy packaging? Syntegon is a leading provider of process and packaging solutions for confectionery manufacturing. When it comes to candy, we don’t go halfway. Our confectionery solutions focus on product quality and provide innovative solutions for jellies, gummies and hard candies. We deliver complete line solutions from processing, vertical packaging to case packing. There seems to be no limit to colors and shapes – what’s true for candy also applies to our flexible packaging solutions. We help you make your products stand out with a variety of pack styles.

Our confectionery expertise

Gummies and jellies

Whether in front of a shelf or in production, the confectionery variety is endless: Mono or side-by-side, starlight or center filled, multi-colored or multi-flavored, oiled or sugared, different gelling agents, that’s our daily business.

Fondants, toffees and caramels

Fondants, toffees or caramels – with or without chocolate enrobing, our machinery handles them all with great care.

Hard candy

Hard candies are as diverse as people’s taste. Fruity, herbal or milk-based? Our equipment processes mono, side-by-side, center filled, starlight or layered candy – and any combinations.

Our expertise in pack styles

Pillow bags
With up to 440 bags per minute, our vertical packaging machines, such as the SVE 1820 MR twintube bagger, process your sweets at high speeds
Doy Zip
With the stand-up reclosable Doy Zip on the SVE Doy Zip, your products stand out at the point of sale while offering consumers a convenient reclosable feature.
Paper Doy
Recyclable stand-up Doy bags made from paper offer the shelf appeal of conventional plastics while reducing your environmental impact.
Stay flexible when it comes to different pack styles. With our large portfolio of reliable and flexible cartoning machines we have got you covered.
Shelf ready cases
Safeguard your products during transport and attractive presentation of your stand-up Doy bags at the point of sale – thanks to a perforation that separates the upper part of the carton, you can have both.
Flexibility is key. With our efficient and compact range of case packers you can process over 100 case designs on one machine.

Your confectionery is our passion


Confectionery packaging and processing

Whether you need a single machine or a turnkey solution – we have got you covered. Slide and learn more about our flexible solutions.

From start to finish

Seamless production processes from preparing ingredients to finished gummies and jellies – all under one roof. Our Makat product brand represents over 90 years of knowledge, experience and close cooperation with our customers.

Your sweets perfectly packed

With more than 70 years of experience in the confectionery industry, we know how to take care of your sweet delights. Have a glance at our vertical, cartoning and case packaging solutions.

The right technology for your confectionery

Flexible dissolving system

The world of sweets is colorful and diverse. No matter which gelling agents or other ingredients your sweets contain, we offer the right kitchen solution to process your gummies and jellies, adapted to your needs. The Makat BLK Rapidsolver is a flexible and energy-efficient dissolving system that ensures product-compliant treatment of all recipe components. Each gelling agent can optimally develop its properties – and consumers can enjoy clear and transparent jellies with the right texture, full of taste and constantly high quality.

Our solutions have got you covered


Complete line solutions

From processing, depositing, and finishing to primary packaging, cartoning, and case packing – we provide you with a one stop shop solution that does not end with purchasing the equipment. We are at your side from the initial idea throughout the entire machine lifecycle.



We strive for continuous improvement and develop innovative concepts to increase your production efficiency. Our turnkey solutions provide efficiency and high speeds along the entire value stream.



Flexibility is key for our processing and packaging portfolio for confectionery. The variety of formats and pack styles allows you to quickly adapt to changing production requirements and market demands. 


Gentle handling and high quality

Our solutions focus on high product quality of your confectioneries and gentle handling along the whole process – from processing to packaging. Syntegon's patented zipper application and long-seal technology assure the deluxe quality of your Doy Zip bags.

Choose your confectionery packaging and processing solution


Confectionery process technology

In a fiercely contested market such as the confectionery industry, manufacturers need a partner who supports them with integrated system solutions and innovative technologies from the very beginning. For over 90 years, the Makat brand has developed flexible confectionery process technology that offers unlimited possibilities for different candy types. With our long-standing expertise, we support you from preparing ingredients to the finished high-quality gummies and jellies. Our experts are happy to help you find, fine-tune and maintain the optimal sweets processing solutions for your application.


Vertical packaging

With decades of experience in the confectionery industry, Syntegon is your reliable and innovative partner when it comes to the vertical packaging of your confectionery products. Whether you are looking for an entry level machine for basic bag styles, a high output bagger, or a flexible bagger to future-proof your packaging line, our solutions got you covered.


Robotic handling

When we developed the RPP robotic pick and place platform, flexibility was key. Instead of just integrating robots, we took a more holistic approach and brought in all of our industry and application expertise. The Syntegon robotic product handling solutions perfectly fit your project – and come from a single supplier.



Whether you are an aspiring start-up or a global market leader, we offer flexible and efficient cartoning solutions for everyone. Automate single process steps or opt for a completely integrated system. With our broad portfolio of topload, sideload or wraparound cartoning machines, we will provide the best fit for your production requirements.


Case packing

Syntegon is your partner for case packing equipment. Based on our expertise, we are ready to support you in all your secondary and tertiary packaging projects. Our highly efficient topload, sideload or wraparound case packers feature more than 100 different packaging formats that will keep your products safe until they reach the point of sale.

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Service Agreements

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Digital Solutions

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Technical Support

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Expert Services

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Confectionery packaging downloads

Makat jelly flyer
Makat jelly flyer

Combining our leading kitchen and depositing technology with our know-how in integrated systems. Learn more about our portfolio and your benefit.

SVX Series
SVX Series

Explore our latest vertical form fill and seal platform

SVE series
SVE series

Our versatile vertical portfolio offers a wide range of options for packaging your product depending on your output and bag style requirements. Learn more about our portfolio.

Confectionery packaging checklist
Confectionery packaging checklist

Not sure how to select the ideal system solution for your specific product and packaging needs? We collected the most important questions for you to consider in our handy and compact confectionery packaging checklist.

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