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Pharmaceutical sterilization

pharmaceutical sterilisation process - syntegon
Sterilization of pharmaceutical products and equipment

Liquid pharmaceuticals, their containers, and process equipment share a common trait: they all require reliable sterilization solutions to ensure maximum pharmaceutical safety. The Syntegon subsidiary Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM) offers a vast portfolio of both individually customizable and standardized, yet modularly configurable autoclaves. Vacuum-steam, steam-air mixture, a combined process, or hot water shower sterilize porous loads and liquids in open, semi-sealed, or closed containers effectively, optimize your energy requirements and support you in reproducible terminal and equipment sterilization.


Key benefits

Wide process range
different sterilization methods cater to the varying treatment requirements of porous goods and liquids
Standardized set-up
all SBM sterilization machines have a flexible recipe editor for customized processes and comprise high-quality, globally available components
Hygienic design
our sterilization equipment comprises maintenance and particle-free encapsulated door drives for clean room applications, and many further hygienic features

Pharmaceutical sterilization machines – our solutions

ADV vacuum-steam sterilization

Pharmaceutical manufacturers in need of flexible and effective sterilization can rely on the vacuum-steam process from Syntegon. The ADV range of autoclaves utilizes the direct inflow of clean steam, which makes it ideally suited for the sterilization of porous and solid equipment, as well as for liquids in open containers up to 50 milliliters. The process is based on air evacuation from the pressure vessel, enabling saturated steam to penetrate the cavities of porous items like machine parts or rubber stoppers. As a particularly versatile system, the ADV supports vacuum-steam sterilization processes in production plants, research facilities and laboratories, also covering final process steps like vacuum drying or jacket cooling.


  • Flexible product loading for best use of the available space
  • Automatic in-line filter sterilization
  • Possibility to integrate steam/air mixture process
SBM Sterilizer Essential Line

SBM Essential Line – the modular series

The sterilizers of the SBM Essential Line with their common, standardized base offer pharmaceutical manufacturers short delivery times and cost-effectiveness combined with a wide range of configuration options. They sterilize both porous and solid equipment as well as liquids in containers such as vials, ampoules, or syringes using a vacuum-steam (ADV), steam-air mixture (SDR) or combined (SDT) process. The basic pressure vessel is available in twelve sizes and usable chamber volumes from around 200 to 3,500 liters. Further options such as the high-pathogen program or automatic inline filter sterilization provide additional product safety. Various software configurations or the optional air detector module ensure easy handling.

  • Standardized base for cost-effectiveness and short delivery times
  • Optional air detector module for ADV and SDT sterilizers for effortless Annex 1-compliance
  • High-performance control system with WinCC visualization as standard
More than 60% of all disposable contact lens worldwide are sterilized in a SBM autoclave 
20% energy saving by the special chamber sump design at our hot water shower sterilizers 
Production and development of sterilizers for the pharmaceutical industry since 1972 
Over 1500 installed units in more than 50 countries worldwide 
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Service Agreements

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Why choose a Syntegon pharmaceutical sterilization solution?


About us

  • In-house technology: our long-standing experience in pharmaceutical sterilization processes has enabled us to develop industry-leading solutions.
  • Container flexibility: Syntegon sterilization equipment addresses the requirements of different sizes and types of pharmaceutical containers.
  • Safe sterilization: all process plants ensure high-quality sterilization without compromising product quality.

There’s more than one approach to effectively sterilizing pharmaceutical containers and equipment. We have the experience and know which process and sterilization media suit your requirements – from powerful vacuum to hot water, steam and air. As a pioneering sterilization equipment manufacturer, we not only focus on efficient sterilization. We always have the safety of containers and products in mind, which is why our systems ensure gentle treatment for overall high quality.

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

Pharmaceutical sterilization downloads

Sterilization Brochure
Sterilization Brochure

The key facts about SBM and our portfolio speak for themselves. Take a look at our brochure for more details.

Flyer Pasteurisation
Flyer Pasteurisation

SBM offers customized solutions for the expensive and challenging pasteurization process, meeting specific product needs.

Automatic Calibration
Automatic Calibration

Learn more about the automatic calibration of the temperature sensors in your SBM sterilizers.

Sterilizer Essential Line
Sterilizer Essential Line

Learn more about the SBM sterilizer esential line.

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