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Meet Versynta: Precision and
flexibiliy in a compact machine.

Microbatch processing


Versynta microBatch

Cell and gene therapies enable the treatment of previously debilitating diseases. While their batch sizes are small, their production is cost and time intensive.

The gloveless Versynta microBatch working cell is the realization of robotic competence on the smallest scale. Following the trend towards even smaller batches, the highly flexible and fully automated setup allows the processing of aseptic and high-potency micro batches.

Fast batch-to-batch changeovers, minimized product loss and a fully integrated
machine and isolator are the keys to ensure quality and output.


Key benefits

Gloveless isolator:
Gloveless isolator:
Focus on the shortest bio-decontamination time
Work cell approach for integrated air management:
Work cell approach for integrated air management:
No interface towards building
Fully automated:
Fully automated:
Robotic solution
High flexibility:
High flexibility:
Suitable for all RTU containers: Syringes, cartridges and vials
Maximum security:
Maximum security:
Filling with 100 % in-process control
Compliance with Annex 1:
Compliance with Annex 1:
Quality risk management and contamination control strategy

Our Versynta microBatch solution

Product safety means keeping human intervention to a minimum. This is especially true for high value medicines like biopharmaceuticals produced in very small batches. For utmost protection, the Versynta microBatch includes an integrated gloveless isolator. The fully robotic working cell meets the strictest quality requirements at the smallest scale.

  • Short bio-decontamination times
  • Suitable for aseptic and highly potent small batches
  • No need for glove testing and glove management
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Processing of different RTU containers

Syringes, vials and cartridges can be processed at our Versynta microBatch. Also rubber stoppers, aluminum seals and press-fit caps can be handled.

Semi-automated bag opener

Glove ports are used to position the bag and remove waste. So the bag can be opened without any contact with the tub. This system is easily integrated into existing production line concepts.

Tub opening

The waste bag is placed and connected under the machine using a rapid transfer port and a heating frame is integrated into the system to minimize particle generation.

Filling with 100 % in-process-check-weigh

Containers, while being weighed and filled, remain in nest. Additionally, the output can be increased with statistical IPC.

Environmental monitoring

Disposable racks are introduced through a rapid transfer port. Furthermore, the system offers fully automated settle plate handling.

Combined stoppering & crimping station

An innovative sorting system eliminates the need for bowls. This system utilizes a camera system for picking of stoppers and caps.


Air management

The system offers a fully integrated air handling. This is achieved through a room-in/room-out concept, which simplifies room integration.


This closed system is ideal for high-potency applications. It efficiently removes rejects through a rapid transfer port and even allows for sample removal using the same rapid transfer port mechanism.

Explore the microBatch features

Implementation of the new Annex 1

"Our Versynta portfolio follows a clear market trend: smaller batches for new innovative medicine. Versynta microBatch meets the highest sterility requirements as specified by Annex 1 and can process nearly all RTU containers.”

Klaus Ullherr, Senior Product Manager at Syntegon


Versynta microBatch

“With Versynta, our system portfolio for small batches meets the innovative Versynta FFP and the Versynta microBatch development project. The name Versynta is based on the English term 'versatile'. ‘Synt’ stands for Syntegon and is rounded off with a pleasant sounding ‘a’.”

Daniela Götz – Marketing Manager at Syntegon

Versynta microBatch journey

Efficient solution for small batches - Discover the Versynta microBatch!

Experience state-of-the-art technology in the fully automated processing of syringes, vials and cartridges and learn how our microBatch solution can revolutionise your production processes.
Interest in
seeing the Versynta microBatch in action?

Use case scenarios

Cartridge filling

Performance meets precision in Syntegon’s cartridge filling and capping portfolio. Our solutions for all output ranges help you process cartridges at optimum conditions.

Syringe filling

Syringes are the go-to packaging for highly potent parenteral drugs. We offer you a large variety of fully automated syringe filling lines that cater to maximum product safety and process flexibility.

Vial filling

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have been trusting Syntegon for more than 60 years to process their vials reliably, safely, and efficiently. Our customers process some of the most valuable and urgently needed pharmaceutical liquids, for example the new Covid-19 vaccines, oncology preparations or other biopharmaceutical drugs on our lines.

Technical Data of Versynta microBatch

Gloveless isolator with integrated air management
Approx. 120-500 containers/h
Robotic Systems
Robotic Systems
Stäubli 6-Axis-Robot and Pharma Handling Unit
Areas of application
Areas of application
RTU processing
Service Agreements
Service Agreements

Find out more about our Service Agreements here.

Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

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Technical Support
Technical Support

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Expert Services
Expert Services

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Why choose the Versynta microBatch?


About us

Small Batch expertise with over 60 references, almost 15 years in the small batch field

  • A trusted partner: as small and micro batch filling experts, we have supported over 60 corresponding projects, strengthening our already firm foothold in the market.
  • A broad range of applications: Flexibility is a key industry requirement – and a major characteristic of Versynta microBatch. The flexible and modular platform can serve the needs of manufacturers, R&D laboratories, and biotech start-ups alike.
  • Engineering expertise: with many years of experience in small batch filling applications, we know about your challenges. Versynta microBatch has been designed to offer you flexible and safe fill-finish processes from a single source.
years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

Our expertise, your advantage

Award winning design: Equipment doesn’t need to be marketed to be in the limelight: in October 2021, Syntegon received the Parenteral Drug Association’s Innovation Award for its Versynta microBatch development project. The award honours the novel approach, which is expected to set a new industry standard for small-scale filling processes. Read the press release to find a more.


Versynta microBatch
Versynta microBatch

The smallest solution in our Versynta portfolio.

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