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Sterilization tunnels


Tunnel for drying, sterilization and depyrogenation

Whether you are filling liquid pharmaceuticals into ampoules, vials, injection and infusion bottles, cartridges or syringes: the reliable sterilization of containers significantly contributes to product safety. Thanks to a wide range of sterilization tunnels, Syntegon provides versatile solutions for an effective and sustainable treatment of all glass container types. Dry heat sterilization helps you achieve reproducible treatment quality while optimizing your energy requirements.


Key benefits

Automated processes
Automated processes
Filter scans and container transport don’t require operator intervention, boosting the efficiency of your operations
Customized set-up
Customized set-up
Syntegon’s highly modular sterilization and depyrogenation systems allow manufacturers to adapt them to specific treatment needs
Gentle treatment
Gentle treatment
Dry heat is a fully definable and validatable sterilization method, contributing to overall product safety

Features of our sterilization tunnels



Our modular tunnel series uses dry heat to sterilize a wide range of containers safely and reliably, including pre-cleaned ampoules, cartridges, and syringes using the unidirectional airflow principle. The proven temperature treatment makes sure the containers are sterilized in a fully definable and validatable way, which increases process safety and treatment quality. In addition, the HQL sterilization tunnels are highly flexibility and cost-effective thanks to their modular set-up and high level of automation.

• Proven dry-heat sterilization (UDAF principle)
• Gentle container handling via automated transport system
• Automatic filter scan

A task for tunnels

Drying, sterilization and depyrogenation – our HQL series covers multiple process steps for the effective treatment of pre-cleaned containers.

Highest reproducibility

All HEPA filters in the sterilizing tunnels could be tested in a fully automated way for filter integrity.

Technical data of our sterilization tunnels

up to 
mm belt width
up to 
mm container diameter
up to 
mm container height
depends on downstream filling equipment
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Service Agreements

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Why choose a Syntegon depyrogenation tunnel?


About us

  • Patented and proven: our technology is based on decades of experience and research, leading to patented solutions for specific industry requirements
  • Safe and cost-effective: our sterilizing tunnels make sure manufacturers achieve the highest product safety while optimally using available resources
  • Flexible and integratable: modular design and seamless integration into existing lines allow for a customized sterilizer usage

Containers for liquid pharmaceuticals pose varying demands on sterilization. Syntegon can address them all thanks to a variety of depyrogenation tunnels for dry heat sterilization, meeting today’s pharmaceutical sterility requirements. Our systems combine ease of use, proven methods and effective energy usage into flexible systems for most challenging sterilization and depyrogenation tasks.

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

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