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Capsule Filling
Capsule Filling GKF Containment Series

Capsule filling machine – GKF Containment series

GKF capsule filling containment solutions

Containment is all about operator safety. The product area is separated from the personnel area by a barrier system to prevent any negative impacts (contamination). Syntegon provides two different solutions for OSD (Oral Solid Dosage) processing under containment conditions: the ProTect (up to OEB 4) and HiProTect (up to OEB 5) execution. We further offer three different cleaning approaches for closed capsule filling machines, which you can adapt to your specific needs together with our experts.


Key benefits

Fully automated processes
Operator intervention is reduced and protection increased thanks to automated capsule filling
Profound expertise
Our containment expert team will be happy to consult you in implementing your ideal containment solution
Cleaning solutions
We have the right cleaning concept for your containment application – from entry-level dry cleaning to automatic Washing-In-Place (WIP)

Capsule filling machines – our GKF Containment portfolio


GKF 60 ProTect and HiProTect

R&D capsule filling machine – takes your molecule to production, even under OEB 4 or OEB 5 containment classifications.


GKF 720 ProTect and HiProTect

Provides an open and variable OEB 4 or OEB 5 platform with various features and filling stations.


GKF 1700 HiProTect

Unique containment solution that fills highly potent substances (OEB 5) and comes with an automated cleaning system.


GKF 2600 ProTect

Dry containment solution for potent pharmaceuticals up to OEB 4.

GKF 60 ProTect and HiProTect
The GKF 60, which achieves an output of up to 3,600 capsules per hour is available either in the ProTect execution based on a dedicated R&D laminar flow principle, or in the HiProTect execution with a closed door concept and glove port access. We further offer a combination of the manual dry and wet cleaning principle, or a WIP process with integrated spray nozzles. 
GKF 720 ProTect and HiProTect
The GKF 720 ProTect and HiProTect provide all features and benefits of a flexible small batch production machine with outputs of between 3,000 and 43,500 capsules per hour. The capsule filling machines are equipped with an inflatable door seal, dedicated air handling, a filter concept and glove access. Cleaning can be done either with a combination of manual dry and wet cleaning or with a manual WIP process. 
GKF 1700 HiProTect
The GKF 1700 HiProTect is a true containment machine, providing additional safety thanks to an own pressure zone concept. While achieving an output of up to 100,000 capsules per hour, the machine features a range of automated processes. A programmable washing system stores and recalls cleaning protocols, ensuring a reproducible cleaning result for your individual WIP process. 
GKF 2600 ProTect
The GKF 2600 ProTect is ideal for a flexible product set-up and large batch production of up to 156,000 capsules per hour. It provides a dry containment solution with manual dry containment via integrated suction nozzle and an optional wetting process. It monitors negative pressure inside the production chamber and provides glove port access and an RTP option. 

Our ProTect and HiProTect concepts at a glance

ProTect: Capsule filling machines in the ProTect execution can handle production processes that are classified up to OEB 4. The term „ProTect“ stands for a dry cleaning approach, with optional wetting system to reduce airborne contamination.

HiProTect: This machine series is suited for products requiring a containment classification up to OEB 5. All machines are available with a manual or automated WIP (Washing-In-Place) cleaning process.


Technical data of our GKF Containment series

Technical data overview
  GKF 60 ProTect & HiProTect GKF 720 ProTect & HiProTect GKF 1700 HiProTect GKF 2600 ProTect
Output  3,600 caps/h 3,000 up to 43,500 caps/h 100,000 caps/h 156,600 caps/h
Segment bores 1 5 12 18
Machine cycles Max. 60 cycles/min Max. 145 cycles/min Max. 140 cycles/min Max. 145 cycles/min
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1,900 x 1,000 x 900 mm 3,490 x 3,133 x 2,101 mm 2,044 x 2,036 x 2,390 mm 3,548 x 3,178 x 2,436 mm
Connected voltage

According to customer specification

380-480 V, 50/60 Hz
Special voltages on request

400 V ±10% , 50/60 Hz
Special voltages on request

380 – 480 V, 50/60 Hz
Special voltages on request

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Why capsule sealing? 

Capsule sealing with banding technology ensures the highest product quality and prevents liquid-filled capsules from leakage. Banding also provides an additional measure for anti-counterfeiting of capsules filled with powder or other components. Sealing provides an enhanced safety measure to meet regulatory requirements. Our Syntegon GKB 2100 banding machine can handle both hard gelatine and HPMC (plant-based) capsules.


The Syntegon GKB 2100 banding machine

The new GKB 2100 features a particularly robust and flexible process, combined with the highest yield and maximum process stability. The focus is on user-friendliness, as well as very good accessibility for cleaning and easy format part changeovers. Our banding machine achieves an output of up to 125,000 capsules per hour.

Capsule filling downloads

Containment Flyer
Containment Flyer

A brief overview of Syntegon’s GKF capsule filling containment solutions

Containment Brochure
Containment Brochure

Industry requirements and containment solutions for OSD forms

GKB 2100
GKB 2100

The GKB 2100 hard capsule sealing machine is suitable for both hard gelatin and HPMC (plant-based) capsules

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