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Tray loading
Tray loading

Tray loading machines


Gentle, safe, and fast – these are the top priorities when tray loading vials or cartridges. Syntegon’s solutions take care of those crucial tasks: all cartridge and vial loading solutions have been designed for smooth transport and high output, processing up to 24,000 units per hour with reduced error rates.

Thanks to special conveyor transport systems, operators can fully trace the containers. Handling robots further contribute to reproducible processes, as they precisely pick and place the containers. A multitude of loading patterns and low format part numbers ensure convenient, highly flexible changeovers.


Key benefits

Compact design
Compact design
Syntegon’s tray loading systems feature a compact, GMP-compliant design for safe and ergonomical usage.
Different pack styles
Different pack styles
Easy format changes allow to flexibly process vials and cartridges of varying diameters and filling volumes.
Gentle handling
Gentle handling
Proven robotics and in-line conveyors ensure that vials and cartridges safely make it to the waiting trays.

Features of our tray loading machines


GLT- Horizontal accurate tray loading of vials


TLU - High speed tray loading of cartridges

GLT - Horizontal accurate tray loading of vials

A unique loading concept makes the GLT the optimum choice for accurate, horizontal tray loading of vials. Thanks to a combination of infeed star wheels, transport belts and pusher bars, the system aligns vials in front of the loading platform without guides, thereby minimizing faulty runs. In terms of flexibility, various loading patterns and tray configurations make it highly adaptable, which is backed by a reduced number of format parts for fast changeovers. High outputs of up to 24,000 vials per hour lay the basis for productive tray loading.

  • Effective, user-friendly traying
  • Flexible tray configurations
  • Servo-based vial count
  • Tray loading from a single position

Technical data of our tray loading machines

up to 
up to  
up to 
mm height of cartridges
up to 
mm height of vials
Technical data overview
Output 24,000/h 600/min 400/min 400/min
Height Up to 110 mm Max. 142 mm Up to 75 mm -
Diameter 16-55 mm 6,5-22,5 mm Max. 30 mm -
Tray size - 1550x1350 mm Depending on customer requirements Up to 6100 mm x 1016 mm
Service Agreements
Service Agreements

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Digital Solutions

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Technical Support

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Why choose a Syntegon tray loading machine?


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With 1,100 service experts and a comprehensive service portfolio throughout the entire machine lifecycle from spare parts management to digital line optimization, Syntegon lays the foundation for smooth production processes for all customers.

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