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Pet Food
Pet Food

Pet food packaging

Every day, consumers adopt pets into their families and make life and dietary choices for them based on their own preferences. This leads to an increased demand in pet food and a surge in new product launches. Pet owners are often looking for healthy, more nutritious meals for their pet – placing higher quality requirements on pet food manufacturers. We support you with a range of packaging machines to meet growing demands for high-quality packaging that ensures the quality of pet food and extends its shelf life.

Whether this is your first machine or you want to add one to your current shop floor, our portfolio provides solutions for everyone – and every pet.

Our pack styles

Block bottom bag
Vertical bag with flat bottom, pinched top, and corner seals.
Pull-to-open bag
Vertical doy-zip bag with flat bottom and sealed top with pull strip for easy opening.
Pillow bag
Vertical bag suitable for bulk dry pet foods.
Filled Container
Suitable for wet pet foods that need to be filled and sealed.

We offer various machines to fit your individual pack style needs


Our Solutions have got you covered

Automated packaging solutions
Benefit from our turn key solutions. Syntegon has decades of experience with automated manufacturing processes in different industries.
Our machine designs offer cleanable features to deliver optimal hygiene levels to protect your product against contamination.
Sealing options on our vertical baggers can easily be changed out to fit your bag style, whether you want to process pillow, gusseted, block bottom or corner seal bags.
High output
With our vertical baggers and robotic applications, you can easily achieve high output thanks to simple set-ups, continuous motion, and tool-less changeovers on select machines.
Service Agreements
Service Agreements

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Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

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Technical Support
Technical Support

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Expert Services
Expert Services

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