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Fresh & Chilled
Fresh & Chilled Food

Packaging solutions for fresh and chilled food

From fresh produce to chilled meats and sides, Syntegon has the hygienic packaging machinery to safely package your products in bags, trays and tubs, flow-wraps, cartons, and cases.

Specific segments we serve

Meal kits
Topload, endload, and wraparound cartoners, and case packers, for pre-portioned ingredient multi-serving meal kits.
Lunch and snack kits
Topload and endload cartoners, and case packers, for pre-portioned ingredient single-serving meal and snack kits.
Meats and sides
Liquid and food fillers, wraparound sleevers for precooked meats (such as BBQ) and prepared sides (such as mashed potatoes).
Pie crusts and doughs
Flow-wrappers, cartoners, and case packers for premade pie crusts, filo dough, and preformed cookie dough.
Bacon, sliced deli meat, and sausage
Endload cartoners, wraparound sleevers, and case packers for bacon, deli meat, and sausages.
Industry Fresh and Chilled Section 3 Segment 6 - BurgerPattiesEndloaderFHD
Meat substitutes
Endload cartoners, wraparound sleevers, and case packers for meat substitute patties and sausages, and plant-based protein products.
Whole fruits and vegetables
Flow-wrappers, cartoners, and case packers for whole fruits and vegetables.
Snack-size fruit / veggie multi-packs
Vertical baggers, cartoners, and case packers for multi-packs of snack-size pouches of sliced fruits and cut vegetables.
Industry Fresh and Chilled Section 3 Segment 9 - salad_pillow_bag_fhd
Salad blends and kits
Vertical baggers and case packers for ready-to-eat salad blends and kits.

Fresh food packaging solutions


Horizontal flow-wrapping

Syntegon’s flow-wrappers are built for full hygienic washdown and are flexible to accommodate a wide range of your products.


Vertical bagging

Our SVC hygienic baggers offer full washdown capability and can produce up to nine bag styles on one machine. Package all kinds of fresh cut vegetables and fruits in small to large pouches.


High-viscosity semi-solid food filling

Accurately fill your prepared foods with inline filling machines for preformed tubs. Available in the hygienic versions of Clean or Ultra Clean, the S-Series fills a broad range of food products into preformed containers.


Product handling and loading

Syntegon offers a variety of machines to collate, stack, turn, reorient, and accurately time products for loading into cartoners.



Topload, endload, and wraparound sleeve

We are your reliable partner when it comes to cartoning your products. Our broad range of technologies covers topload, sideload or wraparound cartoning machines that address the most diverse packaging needs. Aspiring start-ups and global market leaders alike can expect the same level of flexibility and efficiency, as our cartoning solutions enable you to automate single process steps or to opt for a completely integrated system.


Case packing

Syntegon’s case packers are the number one choice for end-of-line packaging of foods in flow-wraps, bags, and cartons. You can accommodate pack styles like shipping and retail-ready display cases thanks to a large range of case formats, including topload, sideload, wraparound, and wraparound with hood, to accommodate hundreds of pack styles from standard shipping cases to retail-ready display cases.

Service Agreements
Service Agreements

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Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

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Technical Support
Technical Support

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Expert Services

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Fresh food packaging downloads

Fresh & chilled food packaging machine portfolio
Fresh & chilled food packaging machine portfolio

Explore our complete line of machines for frozen food, from flow-wrappers to case packers.

Food safety regulations
Food safety regulations

Hygienic machine design and automation are key to avoiding costly recalls. Learn more in our white paper!

Safety and Flexibility
Safety and Flexibility

Vertical packaging is a critical point in food production. Find out why and how Syntegon is ahead of the game

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