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Cartoning machine


Syntegon is your reliable partner for flexible cartoning machines. Whether you are an aspiring start-up or a global market leader, we offer efficient automatic cartoners for everyone. From single stand-alone cartoning machine to completely integrated systems, we will find the right secondary packaging solution for you. Our broad portfolio of topload, endload or wraparound cartoners safeguards the quality of your products.


Cartoning machines for your success

Product flexibility
No matter if you produce food, non-food or medical products, our cartoners will handle them with care.
Format flexibility
Choose from a large range of carton formats and pack styles.
Seamlessly integrated systems
With our experience in system integration, we help you to successfully implement your packaging ideas and visions.

Cartoning machine portfolio

Whether you are an aspiring start-up or a global market leader, we offer efficient cartoning solutions for everyone. With our customer-focused portfolio of single cartoning machines and fully integrated systems, we will provide a tailor-made packaging solution for your requirements.

Flip through the slider and learn more about our solutions for carton forming and closing, integrated topload, endload and wraparound cartoning as well as our options for product handling.

Forming and closing

Syntegon offers a comprehensive portfolio of carton formers and carton closers. They can be operated as stand-alone machines or they can be seamlessly integrated into a complete packaging system. Our flexible equipment covers a wide range of packaging formats at low-, mid- or high speeds. Syntegon carton formers and carton closers are suited to pack even sensitive products like bars, baked good or cookies thanks to their gentle handling options. Moreover, our cartoning machines offer flexible solutions to automate single process steps easily and efficiently.

Carton former portfolio: Kliklok ACE, Kliklok SR, Kliklok ECT, Kliklok Genesis, Kliklok Transformer, Doboy Cobra, Doboy 7520

Carton closer portfolio: Kliklok Vari-Straight, Vari-Right, and Vari-Pitch, Kliklok Smart 3, Kliklok C1F

Integrated topload cartoning

We attach great importance to gentle product handling so that your product is fully protected. All integrated topload cartoners from Syntegon work with high precision and reliably form, load and close a large variety of carton sizes and formats. The proven TTM integrated topload cartoner platform combines high OEE, a compact footprint with pack style flexibility, as well as fullcarton control and fast format changes. The latest addition to the TTM toploading platform is the Sigpack TTMD: it includes seamlessly integrated delta robots that can pick randomly distributed products directly from the infeed conveyor and load them flat or on edge into cartons, trays or other containers. The TTMD is suitable for a wide range of products to be top loaded into many different carton and tray sizes.

Integrated top load cartoning equipment portfolio: Sigpack TTME, TTM1, TTMX-1, TTM2, TTMD, TTMFL, Kliklok ITC

Endload cartoning

Looking for hygienic endload cartoning solutions? Our endload cartoning equipment is designed to meet a wide range of customer product, pack style and speed requirements, including bag-in-box, fresh and frozen foods, bars and bakery applications. The equipment is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel constructions make the endload cartoners ideally suited for food products with high sanitation demands. All endload cartoning machines feature a patented Kliklok rotary feeder and can be combined with our product handling equipment for a one stop shop solution.


Interested in learning more about our latest portfolio introduction: the Kliklok BEC?

At Interpack 2023, we launched the new Kliklok BEC, compact endload / side load cartoning machine. Read all about it: Kliklok BEC

Endload cartoner equipment portfolio: Kliklok Enterprise, Kliklok MEC, Kliklok BEC, Kliklok Prima

Wraparound cartoning

Wraparound cartoning, or sleeving, is a popular pack style in many industries, especially when it comes to sustainable packaging solutions. Carton sleeves may replace plastic wraps. They conserve paper, energy, and consumables costs. Our proven wraparound cartoning equipment handles a wide range of different products, carton styles and shapes – you can even choose between a lock or glue carton closure. Moreover, the cartoning machines accommodate the sleeving of meal trays, tubs, and pots, either individually, double-row and stacked.

Wraparound cartoner equipment portfolio: Kliklok Elite, Kliklok C-150, Kliklok C-80


Handled with care

Our range of handling equipment complements the easy integration of Syntegon cartoning machines into packaging systems. You can add functions like collating, stacking, timing and placing randomly arriving products into chains or onto belts to feed endload or topload cartoners. Trust in our long-standing packaging expertise and proven technologies – from gentle handling to optimum transport protection.


Handling equipment portfolio: Syntegon RPP, Kliklok RAT, Kliklok RTS, Kliklok Siptu, Kliklok Trac, Kliklok CLS 120, Kliklok Interceptor, Kliklok Smart Scroll, Sigpack TTML

Sustainability and cartoning

Syntegon´s sustainable solutions include cartoning equipment. All of our equipment is designed for maximum efficiency. Avoiding carton rejects is not only economically interesting, but also makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Furthermore, we offer various glue-saving cartoning technologies which make your secondary packaging particularly sustainable.


Case studies

Chewters Chocolates, Canada

Fast-growing chocolate producer is keeping pace with demand growth with packaging lines from Syntegon.

Bridgetown Natural Foods, United States

Flexible topload cartoning solution for co-manufacturer.

Brunberg OY, Finland

Compact, efficient and reliable topload cartoner to pack delicate chocolate kisses.

Endload cartoning lines for mini cakes

Co-manufacturer and co-packer needed to expand production quickly to accommodate a new product launch.

Endload cartoning lines for frozen meals

Large frozen food processor was looking to upgrade their production facilities.

Topload cartoning line for nutrition bars

After winning a contract to produce and package bars, the company needed an adaptive and reliable cartoning solution.

Service Agreements
Service Agreements

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Digital Solutions

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Technical Support

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Expert Services
Expert Services

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Why choose a Syntegon cartoning machine?


About us

Processing and packaging for a better life – this is what our employees work for every day. Looking back on a 160 years of experience, the portfolio of intelligent, innovative and reliable solutions help our customers in the global pharmaceutical and food industries to improve people‘s life. With 1,100 service experts and a comprehensive service portfolio throughout the entire machine lifecycle from spare parts management to digital line optimization, Syntegon lays the foundation for smooth production processes for all customers. 

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

“Fast and error-free format changeovers are essential with our variety of products. The different products and pack styles had to be managed quickly and reliably. That’s why the Sigpack TTM1 was our first choice.”

Dan Klock, CEO of Bridgetown Natural Foods, U.S.A.


"In order to meet our quality requirements, we produce our goods using modern technology. Naturally, the machine must meet our high expectations, but a reliable partner is just as important to us. Quality also comes from close cooperation, and we feel we are in good hands with Syntegon.”

Katarina Enholm, General Manager at Brunberg Oy, Finland


"Out of all the suppliers you are the easiest to deal with."

Paul Baker, Senior Manager of Packaging R&D, Big Heart Pet Brands, U.S.A.

Cartoning machine downloads

Topload former Kliklok​
Topload former Kliklok​

Topload Carton Former.

Topload closers Kliklok
Topload closers Kliklok

Topload Carton Closer.

Integrated topload platform TTM
Integrated topload platform TTM

The best when it comes to secondary packaging.

Endload cartoning Kliklok
Endload cartoning Kliklok

High speed, high performance.

Wraparound Sleevers Kliklok
Wraparound Sleevers Kliklok

High speed, wraparound sleeving.

Product Handing Kliklok
Product Handing Kliklok

Various handling modules

Sealing Technology
Sealing Technology

Kliklok ACE Ultrasonic Topload Carton Former.

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