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Digital service solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries

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Syntegon is continuously enhancing its service portfolio to support producers even better with intelligent and sustainable services in the future. In the current situation, there is a growing trend towards digitalization. Read the interview with our service experts Christian Kessler (Head of Pharma Customer Service) and Marcello Pezzotti (Head of Food Customer Service).


What digital services do you offer your customers?

Especially with Covid-19, our customers are increasingly using Remote Services when they need assistance with machine settings or troubleshooting. We also provide further services and consulting offers, for which a Syntegon employee would usually travel to the customer’s site, via digital channels.

For example, customers can order spare parts via the E-Portal, our online shop. The current situation has also shown how important it is to advise customers on critical wear parts that should always be kept in stock.

Furthermore, training courses are held virtually. Participants can choose the format according to their individual needs: we offer web-based and virtual classroom training on the online platform.

Have you already received new inspiration for further services/products now that companies increasingly (have to) make use of these services?

In addition to preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance will become increasingly important in the future. That is why we developed MIRA (Machine Intelligence Reporting & Analytics) for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, this modular software solution detects wear and tear on process-critical components such as fans. Up to six weeks before a potential failure, it announces that a component needs replacing.

With the new, cloud-based Digital Shopfloor Platform, paper-based processes and unnecessary loss of time for maintenance work are a thing of the past in the food industry. Using the interactive Performance Board with its intuitive interface, employees can see critical manufacturing data such as production time, losses and stops at a glance. Optimization potential can be recognized faster and, as a result, downtimes can be avoided.

Do you expect a permanent trend towards digitalization, or will customers prefer the classic on-site appointment once the corona crisis is over?

For sure, more activities will be carried out digitally and virtually in the future. The current situation has shown us that remote services and online training courses are well received by our customers.

For us, too, communication via various channels is becoming increasingly important. Nevertheless, humans are still the focus of attention, and this will not change. Special mechanical engineering in particular needs communication from person to person. Our customers want a partner who understands them and knows their specific requirements. Needs can be understood better through the personal exchange, and creative solutions can be developed. An excellent customer relationship is the foundation of the service we provide.


Christian Kessler (Head of Pharma Customer Service), Syntegon Technology
Marcello Pezzotti (Head of Food Customer Service), Syntegon Technology


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