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Aroma protection
Aroma protection

Coffee bag valves, applicators, and customized engineering from one source

To ensure high customer satisfaction, as well as efficient production in the food sector, aroma protection is the basic prerequisite for the success of your goods on the market when packaging sensitive products – such as coffee. We offer a wide range for every application, packaging material, and valve type. With more than 40 years of experience, we always keep an eye on the entire manufacturing process – all the way to your customer. You receive inside and outside degassing valves, applicators, and the engineering of your machine - all from one source. High-quality materials of the valve solutions - made in Germany and Switzerland - ensure the high quality of the filled products.

Discover our coffee bag valves for best aroma protection:

  • roasting gas can escape to protect high product quality
  • oxygen is kept out the package to extend storage times
  • ultra-sonic sealing to process recyclable materials 

Reliable product protection for sustainable pre-made bags

Rootree automates coffee degassing valve application with a solution from Syntegon - for premade bags. The Canadian company wanted to reach a higher output for the process on the one hand - and upheld their high sustainability standards on the other hand.


Benefits at a glance

Aroma protection
Long shelf life of up to 30 months
Sustainable solution
Ultra-sonic sealing processing, including recyclable films
High efficiency
Speed times up to 120 spm (valves per minute)
Less downtimes
Thanks to applicator with gentle and active mechanical valve feed
Safe and ergonomic replenishment of valves
Applicator and storage hopper
on eye-level
Save costs thanks to customized advice
Machine retrofit and use of applicators and valves for all packaging machines available on the market

Solutions for your high-performance and process-reliable application

Inside valves VIS/VAP

Thanks to proven ultrasonic technology, up to 100 valves per minute are sealed on the inside of the packaging material, even if made with mono-materials.

Outside valves V45

The right valve for every application: achieve maximum quantities with up to 120 self-adhesive valves per minute on the outside of all packaging materials.

Applicators & Engineering

Maximum flexibility for any application - all packaging materials and all valve types are easily integrated into Syntegon packaging machines or machines from other brands with the CVA applicators.

Bag with valve
If the aroma vanishes, even the best coffee only adds up to a pile of beans.

With our recyclable aroma protection valves, coffee can be packaged freshly roasted and without interim storage in to sustainable packages. The valves allow the reliable and positive escape of roasting gasses from gastight packages.

For the perfect taste of coffee, aroma protection is a central component in production and processing. Here you will find information about Package Maker PMX and the different types of packaging.

Aroma protection – how do coffee bag valves work?


Some products, such as coffee or fresh dough, continue to release gas even in airtight bags or cans. Our degassing valves discharge this excess gas while preventing oxygen from entering the packaging and spoiling the product. This allows your customers to enjoy the full product flavor and significantly extends the shelf life. You also save on storage costs, as degassed packaging takes up less space and is less sensitive to pressure.

Sustainable solution with ultrasonic technology

Using ultrasonic technology, valves are applied without heat, so in addition to maximum efficiency at up to 100 spm (sealings per minute), mono material can also be processed easily.

Minimize downtimes thanks to proven valve delivery system

With the CVA applicators, you get reliable valve feed without malfunctions through very gentle mechanical handling, thus achieving machine availability of over 98%. In addition, you save time and protect your employees, as refilling is carried out ergonomically at ground level.

Customized engineering with flexible solutions

Do you already have a packaging machine or a valve applicator in operation? We will be happy to advise you on your individual valve solution, which can also be retrofitted to existing applications.

Aroma protection downloads

Datasheet Inside valve VIS 10F
Datasheet Inside valve VIS 10F

Inside valve for ultrasonic sealing

Datasheet Outside valve V40 HP
Datasheet Outside valve V40 HP

Ouside valve for high pressure V40 HP

Datasheet Outside valve V40 MRS
Datasheet Outside valve V40 MRS

Ouside valve for high pressure V40 MRS

Datasheet Outside valve V45
Datasheet Outside valve V45

Outside valves for low pressure V45

Datasheet Outside valves V45PP
Datasheet Outside valves V45PP

Fully recyclable valves for Mono-PP

Datasheet applicator inside CVA 4200
Datasheet applicator inside CVA 4200

Applicator for inside valves
CVA 4200

Datasheet applicator outside CVA 4000
Datasheet applicator outside CVA 4000

Applicator for outside valves
CVA 4000

Datasheet Valves Solutions
Datasheet Valves Solutions

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