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Distillation-Based Pure Media Systems

Distillation-based PS and WFI generation


Syntegon offers a flexible, turn-key solution for the distillation-based (i.e. thermal) generation of pharmaceutical-grade pure steam (PS) and water for injection (WFI). Whether a single, dual, or triple mode solution, our robust technology is based on natural circulation distillation. All that is required for operation is the supply of heating steam to the first column; all other modules are heated in an energy-efficient manner utilizing the heat generated during the preceding process stage. The sterile steam is condensed to high-purity water of WFI quality at every subsequent process stage. Our proven approach meaningfully reduces the associated footprint and energy consumption.  


Key benefits

The robust distillation-based technology is highly reliable. You can count on both the water’s quality and the stability of its supply.
The design is highly hygienic and accessible. Routine maintenance is quick and easy, minimizing downtime.
The compact, skidded system is an energy-efficient thermal system. Our technology meaningfully reduces operating costs.

Features of our distillation-based pure media systems


Configuration flexibility

Syntegon’s distillation-based pure media systems are robust, proven solutions that can be easily and quickly configured to meet your specific requirements. All configuration options are pre-tested and readily available. With a wide production range of both WFI and PS, the skidded systems are suitable for clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities alike.


Process efficiency and robustness

Syntegon’s distillation technology offers energy-efficient GMP generation of WFI and PS with only 3-5% blow-down. And with an all-SS construction, low mechanical stress on the heat exchanger, as well as a low scaling tendency with a bell-type separation system instead of a demister, the system is superbly robust.


Footprint and serviceability

Our distillation systems feature a pre-fabricated, skidded drop-in configuration that can be rapidly delivered, installed, qualified, and put into operation. And whether delivered as a stand-alone solution or integrated system, the system configuration is always highly hygienic and accessible, making maintenance quick and easy.

Pure steam (PS) and water for injection (WFI) are essential utilities in pharmaceutical manufacturing that have long been produced with distillation-based generation systems. Syntegon’s distillation technology offers energy-efficient GMP generation of WFI and PS with only 3-5% blow-down. With an all-SS construction, low mechanical stress on the heat exchanger, as well as a low scaling tendency with a bell-type separation system instead of a demister, our systems are superbly robust. And with a patented droplet separation system to remove any residual pyrogens, the quality of the generated PS and WFI is assured to be conforming at all times.

  • Reliable supply of pharmaceutical-grade PS and WFI
  • Configuration flexibility to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Energy-efficient distillation technology with minimal blow-down
  • Superb robustness with low mechanical stress and scaling tendency
  • Patented droplet removal system for assured residual pyrogen removal

Use case scenarions

Pure steam
Single column unit for the generation of PS with low mechanical stress on the heat exchanger with integrity check without dismantling
Pure steam and water for injection
Single, dual, or triple mode distillation units for the generation of WFI and/or PS with a low scaling tendency
Storage and distribution
Comprehensive storage and distribution systems for PW and WFI with continuous monitoring of all quality-relevant attributes.
Recirculation loops

Distribution loops with recirculation lines with point-of-use management and sanitization.

Technical data of distillation-based pure media systems

PS up to  
WFI up to  
storage and distribution up to  
Technical data 




Storage and Distribution


up to 500-5,000 kg/hr

  up to 500-12,000 l/hr up to 38,500 l/hr

Processing range container

  • thermal degassing
  • membrane degassing


  • thermal degassing
  • membrane degassing
  • dual mode (WFI or PS)
  • double pump station
  • steam sterilization (SIP)
  • UV lamp
  • TOC measurement
  • cold storage with sanitization 85C
  • hot storage with sanitization 121C
  • cold storage with ozone



Configure-to-order selection

We offer the right pretreatment, generation, and storage and distribution solutions for every water quality. Larger and intermediate sizes are also available upon request, as well as a wide range of other modular options that can be integrated into customer-specific systems.

*standard configure-to-order systems; custom solutions with higher output are also available

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Service Agreements

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Why choose a Syntegon distillation-based pure media system?


We have the right technology and experience

The Syntegon subsidiary Pharmatec has been supplying pure media systems to the global pharmaceutical industry for 30 years. All over the world, our solutions provide everything that is required for a seamlessly integrated system infrastructure – from hot and cold generators to storage and distribution systems; from pre-configured units to highly customized solutions. Regardless of the application, our systems provide a seamless process from generation to distribution at the point of use, including the associated CIP systems.

years of experience
installed systems
unique customers


Pure Media Systems Brochure
Pure Media Systems Brochure

Save energy and water
Save energy and water

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