The name Schoeller Bleckmann stands for one of the oldest industrial settlements in the rural area of Vienna - founded in 1862 with the production of steel, furthermore stainless steel and semi finished stainless steel products.

SBM - Schoeller Bleckmann Medizintechnik

The story of SBM Schoeller Bleckmann Medizintechnik starts in the year 1972 with the taking-over of TechnoMedica (owner Dr. Kalasek, inventor and patent holder of the Steam-/Air Mixture Process) and the production of large volume sterilizers in Ternitz

In 1990 the privatization of the Schoeller Bleckmann steel company started and SBM was privatized as one of the first. The consequence was a new strategic focus which enabled a 100 % concentration on the pharmaceutical market.

In 2001 SBM became part of Fresenius Group and thus experienced another growth spurt.

In July 2007 SBM was integrated into the Syntegon Technology (formerly Bosch Packaging Technology). Thus the entry to the world market was enlarged through synergy effects. The associated internationalization enables a continuous profitable growth in the future.

SBM offers customer-specific solutions for a wide variety of applications and processes for the sterilization of medical products and equipment. Depending on the equipment and product requirements, the steam-air mixture, the hot water shower, or the vacuum / steam process is used. Freeze dryers in vertical and horizontal design as well as corresponding loading and unloading systems are also offered.

More than 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry speak for SBM - a reliable partner for demanding and long-term projects.

Safe. Sterile. SBM

  • 99.9 percent machine availability for the sterilization of single-use contact lensesEach second single-use contact lense is sterilized with a SBM sterilizer
  • sterilization of radioactive products as well as talcum powder
  • Freeze drying systems including corresponding loading and unloading systems
  • shake or rotation sterilizers for fat emulsions
  • pasteurization of blood products
  • automatic conveyer systems
  • syringes single or in blister packed

SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik GmbH

A Syntegon Company

Pharmastr. 1
A-2630 Ternitz

Phone: +43 263 03 12 0
Fax: +43 263 03 12 50 2

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