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55 years of existence. 160 years of experience

Syntegon was founded in 1969 as Robert Bosch Apparatebau GmbH. In 2020, we left the Bosch Group and are now known as Syntegon. Our experience goes back over 160 years- proven by the foundation of Geiger & Hesser in 1861, which has been part of our company since the 1970s. Over the decades, we have acquired extensive know-how in various technology segments. Our technological innovations have always put us one step ahead.

Today, the Syntegon Group is represented in almost 20 countries around the world and has become a recognized partner of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Milestones in the history of Syntegon


Geiger & Hesser is established. The company is known as the cradle of German packaging machine engineering. It has been part of Syntegon since 1977.


Hesser builds the first fully automatic packaging machine for coffee. This success story continues at Syntegon to date.


Höfliger + Karg unveils the first automatic capsule filling machine. It is a predecessor of the GKF, right through to the GKF HiProTect. Höfliger + Karg joined Syntegon in 1970.


Robert Bosch Apparatebau GmbH is established, later to be renamed Bosch Packaging Technology.


Eisai Machinery sells the first automatic inspection machines to detect particles in injection solutions. Eisai Machinery has been part of Syntegon since 2012.


Isolators are used for the first time with ampoule filling and closing machines. Syntegon customers have since installed several hundreds of isolators.


The linear motor technology for horizontal packaging machines replaces the chain conveyor, enabling reconfiguration to new formats at the touch of a button.


Reclosable Doy-Zip stand-up pouches are used for the first time on a vertical bagger. Syntegon has advanced this technology several times ever since.


Bosch Packaging Technology presents the world’s first sealed paper packaging, developed in a joint effort with BillerudKorsnäs. This sustainable mono-material packaging solution contains no plastic components and is fully recyclable.


Bosch Packaging Technology becomes Syntegon.


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