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Sustainable Packaging Services & Consulting

Sustainable packaging services

Services for accelerating your journey to sustainability

We support you from the initial idea to the finished product on the shelf. We work with you to analyze your individual requirements for packaging materials, develop environmentally responsible packaging solutions and test them under conditions similar to those in your production. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, you then receive individually tailored recommendations for sustainable materials. If your existing machines need to be adapted or retrofitted, we can support you with our years of experience and know-how. On request, we can also provide packaging samples – so you can see the premium quality and feel of the various packaging formats first-hand.

Understanding the challenge
Identifying packaging solutions
Analyzing material properties
Confirming machinability

Reducing complexity

With our 360° workshop, we will help you to cut down on complexity and accelerate your journey to sustainability. We will work together to gain a complete understanding of all your requirements, including technical, regulatory and recycling requirements. We will jointly prepare a detailed plan of action, from initial ideas to your product being launched on the shelf. Take advantage of our decades of packaging experience in more than 30 food and pharmaceutical segments.


Identifying concepts and options

Simply switching from your existing packaging material to a sustainable alternative does not always do the job. Even if you require a completely new packaging concept, talk to our experts. Together, we can create your ideal packaging solution, ranging from initial ideas and drafts up to digital mock-ups or physical samples for your marketing department to evaluate. Drawing on engineering studies and our Design Thinking Approach, we will select the ideal options and packaging style for your product.


Validating fit for use

Paper-based materials, mono-material films, bio plastics, recyclable materials, compostable packaging and bio-degradable plastics: It is easy to get lost in all the definitions and terminology. We will guide you to find the packaging material that best suits your needs. Our material testing service analyzes different packaging materials and recommends suitable materials and – if necessary – material suppliers. In addition, we will advise you on end-of-life options for your packaging solution (recycling, composting, biodegradation).


Confirming machinability

Packaging materials’ behavior can differ: What runs smoothly on a horizontal flow wrapper might behave differently on a vertical bagger. Our machinability service helps you to evaluate your chosen material’s suitability for your individual application by performing test and acceptance runs in our test labs. On the basis of various parameters such as material processing, consumption, sealing, speed, and quality of the finished packaging product, we provide a detailed test report.

Why Syntegon?

About us

We have been supporting customers on their journey to sustainable packaging for many years. By testing sustainable packaging materials at our Syntegon test labs you can significantly reduce downtime at your own site. Or one of our experienced specialists supports you on-site for the best-possible machine performance.

sustainable material test labs
years experience in sealing paper
degrees workshop analysis
service experts support with retrofits

Our expertise in environmentally friendly packaging

Material Testing & Consulting

Learn more about our consulting services: we work with you to analyze your individual requirements for packaging materials, develop environmentally responsible packaging solutions and test them under conditions similar to those in your production.

Initial plunge towards sustainable packaging

In order to offer reliable, sustainable paper-based packaging solutions for large and medium-sized confectionery customers, we have entered into a strategic partnership with innovator Sappi Europe. While we normally pursue a packaging-material-independent approach and Sappi pursues a packaging-machine-independent approach, customers can now benefit from our combined expertise.


Whitepaper: Practical advice on selecting the right material
Whitepaper: Practical advice on selecting the right material

Comparison of production processes and recyclability of sustainable packaging materials.

Whitepaper: Preserving coffee aroma while protecting the environment
Whitepaper: Preserving coffee aroma while protecting the environment

A guide to understanding and promoting the use of mono-material films in vacuum coffee packaging.

Whitepaper: Sustainable packaging for frozen foods
Whitepaper: Sustainable packaging for frozen foods

Industry insights into the ongoing efforts to make frozen food packaging and vertical bagging equipment more sustainable.

Whitepaper: Sustainable packaging for nutraceuticals
Whitepaper: Sustainable packaging for nutraceuticals

Learn about our sustainable paper blister solution, including easy push-through removal for tablets and capsules.

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