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“You always have to give your best.”

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Sunil Jadhav is an open-minded person. This trait has always helped the Syntegon service engineer to seize new opportunities in his life and make the best out of every situation.

After working for Bosch Packaging in India for more than 10 years, Sunil was offered a new position in the company’s South East Asia Hub based in Bangkok in 2015. As a trained engineer, familiar with the Pharma Liquid portfolio, he was the perfect match for completing the site’s field service team.

Although being open to new challenges, Sunil did not take any hasty decisions but involved his family before accepting the job offer. In hindsight, this was the right move. Both his wife and his now 11-year-old son, who attends an international school and wants to become a service engineer like his father, feel that Bangkok is the right place to be.


Sunil and his family

Sunil especially appreciates the work-life balance in his job. While working hard during the week, the dedicated field service engineer can usually spend the weekends at home with his family.

Sunil enjoys being in the field and interacting with customers. He is well aware of the importance of being “the front line to the customer”, as he puts it. Of course, the service engineer travels to many places in South East Asia and Australia, handling projects as diverse as the destinations he visits.

"I am the front line to the customer."

Sunil Jadhav

When commissioning machines or performing maintenance work on site, Sunil can draw on his long-standing experience gained in field service. In addition, having worked for a major Indian pharmaceutical company after completing his studies of electrical engineering in his home country, he is able to put himself in his customers’ shoes.

Anyhow, seeing different places and meeting with different people all the time is the best way of learning but can be challenging as well.

“You always have to give your best and complete your job on time in the right quality. This is sometimes difficult especially if you cannot communicate with the customer in your native language”, he says.

When back in Bangkok, Sunil likes seeing his colleagues in the office where he is always given a warm welcome. “People in Thailand are very friendly and supportive especially if you speak Thai”, he emphasizes. The company offers Thai classes for expatriates, which has helped him to make good progress in his language skills. “I am deeply impressed how well Sunil has integrated into our country. It is great to have him in our team, he is our key engineer for the Pharma Liquid technology. I hope that he and his family feel like home here and will stay”, adds Arthit Norkhom, head of Pharma field service in the SEA Hub.

“Basically, apart from the language, there is not so much difference between Bangkok and Mumbai where we lived before. The weather, traffic, and street food are the same. A move to Germany would have been a much bigger change“, Sunil says while laughing.

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