23.06.2020 I News

Syntegon in China: Growth path continues

Intelligent solutions for improved product quality and production efficiency

The past months were certainly not an easy time. Hu Shengli, General Manager of Syntegon Hangzhou, and Stefan Ehlert, Commercial Director of Syntegon Hangzhou, are sure of that. The corona crisis had an impact not only on the life of many people, but also on the economy. But things are looking up and Syntegon is continuing to grow in the processing and packaging technology sector in China. The managers make this clear during a media event in Hangzhou in which they inform Chinese journalists in front of a camera about Syntegon's current business in China. One thing stands out: With its mission Processing and Packaging for a better life, Syntegon is particularly in demand during the crisis and supports its customers wherever possible.

High quality localized products for the pharmaceutical market

Syntegon in Hangzhou has been steadily developing in the Chinese market since 2001. The company has won the trust and long-term cooperation of many domestic and foreign customers by virtue of its global professional technology capability and high quality localized products and services. In China, besides growth in the food sector Syntegon saw a significant sales growth in the pharmaceuticals sector in 2019. Combined, Syntegon generates about a third of its total sales in China. “We had a steady growth here over the last years and will continue to grow this year”, said Mr. Stefan Ehlert, Commercial Director of Syntegon Hangzhou.

Syntegon continuously focuses in the Chinese market since 2001, when the local plant was set up. Mr. Hu Shengli, General Manager of Syntegon Hangzhou, said: “We have global technology competence, high performance local products and service. Typical products are for example isolators, complete syringe filling lines, machines for filling and closing of ampoules and vials, inspection technology and secondary packaging. For various pharma solid solutions we rely on an own Pharma Solid Process Technology Center. Of course, we also have a strong after sales service team, not only for locally produced equipment, but also for all Syntegon machines worldwide in the Chinese market.”

Increased demand during the coronavirus crisis

In order to respond to the increased production levels of its customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Syntegon has expanded its customer service activities and introduced new measures. These include increased spare parts deliveries and providing customer service via digital platforms.

Hu Shengli said, “Thanks to Syntegon’s global presence with local employees, the company is able to carry out urgent service assignments in almost all cases, despite the current travel restrictions. In China, we have a strong local team, who can provide in-time support and service to Chinese customers even for Syntegon imported machines regarding technical support, project management, qualification and validation, as well as field service.”

Intelligent solutions for improved product quality and production efficiency

“Intelligence is indeed an important trend especially in the packaging industry. Drawing on a deep well of experience in developing and integrating software solutions, we recently launched the Pharma i4.0 Solution Platform”, said Hu Shengli. This platform easily monitors machine status and process parameters, and finally integrates them into the Overall Equipment Effectiveness system to help our customers improve product quality and production efficiency.

Syntegon also launched its SODA system, which provides unique data matrix codes on primary packaging material to ensure traceability and to ensure the quality of customer's products. In addition, Syntegon’s MIRA system will better help customers to improve production efficiency, and improve the service life of equipment by using the latest sensor and camera technology to monitor the life and production status of important components.

Processing and Packaging for a better life does not only apply during a crisis. With intelligent and sustainable solutions, Syntegon helps to meet the requirements of its customers and their customers in the Chinese market every day.