Digital Services

Transparency on a new level

In the era of industry 4.0, digital services are becoming more and more important. By collecting, visualizing and analyzing machine and production data, you can gain an overview of your production environment at any time and react quickly.

We offer a wide range of solutions for the entire life cycle of your equipment that help you to optimize your processes and procedures and sustainably increase your overall equipment effectiveness.

Let us support you in your daily work. In addition to various systems for maintenance support, we can provide you with further digital services for your production environment.

We will be pleased to work with you to develop solutions that are ideally tailored to your requirements and equipment and comply with all applicable regulations.

  • Your Benefits
    • Optimum equipment availability through collection, analysis and visualization of machine data
    • Increased availability and profitability
    • Reduced life-cycle costs through Condition Monitoring
    • Stable and reliable processes
  • MIRA - Machine Intelligence Reporting & Analytics


    Undetected wear and tear as well as defects in process-critical components are a high risk when it comes to the production of pharmaceuticals. With MIRA (Machine Intelligence Reporting & Analytics) you can identify imminent failures of process-critical components before costly adverse effects like unplanned machine downtime occur.

    As a stand-alone system, MIRA operates parallel to the machine and does not interfere with its control system. This solution, developed by Syntegon, connects intelligent algorithms with the requirements of valid industry standards.

    Through temperature or vibration analyses, anomalies in process-critical components can be identified up to six weeks before a potential failure. This is especially helpful with critical components in isolators or sterilizing tunnels.

    MIRA reads, stores and analyzes the data within the system. Anomalies can be displayed on a separate dashboard or other mobile devices. Alternatively, through standardized interfaces, MIRA can be connected to existing systems such as an MES.

    We are looking forward to getting in touch with you and providing you with further information about MIRA.

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MIRA (Machine Intelligence Reporting & Analytics) for Predictive Maintenance on Pharma machines – anomaly detection up to 6 weeks before the failure of process-critical components
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