Paper forming

Shaped paper pods – the alternative to plastic-based single-serving and disposable packages

Syntegon’s new paper-forming technology is a sustainable packaging option for applications where plastic has been the material of choice.

Manufacturers are edging closer and closer to plastic-free solutions with predominantly fiber-based packaging materials that are tailored to the given product. Based on organic materials, FibreForm® paper from BillerudKorsnäs enables up to ten times deeper embossing than conventional paper. This creates eye-catching 3D effects.  Sandwich spreads, confectionary, cookies, facial cream – the possibilities for paper packages are many and diverse.

The perfect combination of technology and material for scalable and future-proof packaging solutions


  • #1 Proof of concept

    We assess the specified barrier properties, the brand experience, market feedback, technical feasibility, and other parameters for you. You receive draft designs and mock-ups to get a first look-and-feel impression.

  • #2 Pilot run

    We set up our pilot plant with the right FibreForm® configuration to make prototypes for your marketing tests and package validation. Featuring your corporate design, these prototypes are very close to the final product.

  • #3 Production

    We supply the manufacturing equipment and our partners at BillerudKorsnäs furnish the right FibreForm® paper. That way, we’re at your side from day one to your successful product launch.

Blister Packaging is now made of Paper

Blister-Meets-Paper is a sustainable solution for push-through packaging, produced with our TPU 1000 paper-forming technology. The future of blister packaging is now – paper!

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