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A future-proof investment

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Leaner, more energy-efficient, and more powerful – the modernized in-house supply system in Dresden offers several advantages for Pharmatec. Customers also benefit from the largest single investment in the history of the Syntegon subsidiary.

New requirements in the pharmaceutical industry not only demand technological expertise, but also creative answers. With the modernization of its in-house media supply system, the Syntegon subsidiary Pharmatec provided such an answer – and made the largest single investment in the company's 30-year history. “We streamlined our equipment technology, created a modern operating and sanitization concept – and increased our productivity fivefold,” explains project manager Tobias Beyer.

One new feature can be seen in its own small showroom: the newly installed MWFI 4500, a membrane-based alternative to the conventional and energy-intensive distillation process. “Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly interested in the 'cold' production of sterile, pyrogen-free water for injection, or WFI for short,” Beyer explains. “We are currently using the MWFI primarily for research purposes. Our customers profit from the results and long-term experiences.”

Further developments for employees and machines

The new electric pure steam generator PWGe is also part of the operating and sanitizing concept. The compact unit generates pure steam more efficiently. “We use both the MWFI and the PWGe to train our staff and to develop our products further,” says Tobias Beyer. To reduce energy consumption and the overall demand for tap water, Pharmatec now uses a multifunctional mobile start-up skid for water recovery.

Another investment includes a modern high-speed steam generator for black steam, which is needed for the generation of pure steam. Compared to the previously used heating steam boiler, it achieves 50 percent more performance at the same size. Moreover, the new generator is more energy-efficient thanks to a significantly shorter start-up time; it can be continuously modulated and is explosion-proof. “There was only one tiny catch: the higher output meant we had to extend our exhaust system and build a new chimney,” says Beyer with a twinkle in his eye. He sees Pharmatec in an excellent position for the future. “Thanks to the investments, we can now test our systems even more efficiently under customer conditions on site. This saves time and money and makes both us and our customers happy.”

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