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Fighting Covid-19 together

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A vaccine for the coronavirus is close at hand. Of course, we also made our contribution with technologies and services – and continue to do so with full commitment. Read here exactly what we do.

The corona crisis presents enormous challenges to the pharmaceutical industry. According to Globaldata, more than 1,800 vaccines and drugs against Covid-19 are currently being examined in over 3,700 clinical trials. This requires existing laboratories and manufacturing capacities to be rededicated or newly built in record time. We already released and increased production capacities at a very early stage, since the biggest challenge in the fight against Covid-19 is time.

With motivation and full commitment

The motivation and dedication of our team of engineers, mechanics and service technicians made it possible: numerous solutions along the entire vaccine value chain were delivered to our customers faster than usual. In addition to the higher capacities, we have developed and pre-tested modular machine concepts for vaccine production, such as the SVP process system of our product brand Pharmatec.


Furthermore, our service has specialized in spare parts and format parts to retrofit customer lines for Covid-19 vaccines and therapies. Thanks to our local service expertise, we are able to respond to customer inquiries on site and carry out modifications quickly despite travel restrictions. Where this is not possible, we offer virtual solutions such as digital model presentations and virtual factory acceptance tests as well as remote maintenance.

Syntegon technologies used more than 100 times

In total, Syntegon solutions for the production of classical vaccines are used more than 100 times by different customers worldwide. Our experience with biotechnological drugs also enables us to support in the production of novel mRNA vaccines with cold filling. Inspection machines from Syntegon are in fact already used in the production process of mRNA Covid vaccines.

The vast majority of the publicly known producers of Covid-19 vaccines and active ingredients for the treatment of corona patients use Syntegon technologies. These include formulation systems, filling lines and inspection machines. Among our customers are the largest vaccine manufacturers. Syntegon systems are used worldwide, especially for vial filling. For example, we support the company IDT Biologika with highly developed filling technology.

In case you also need support, we will be happy to help!

Interested in Syntegon?

Interested in Syntegon?

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Syntegon Technology

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