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High barrier meets recyclability

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New PE-based flexible stand-up pouches with high-barrier provide toughness, stiffness and shelf-appeal at high speeds on existing VFFS production lines Together with partners Dow, Comexi, Plastchim-T and Ticinoplast, Syntegon has made the next step towards a more sustainable future.

Each project team member was able to bring in a unique perspective and experience from decades of packaging process expertise, which led to the new pouch design being developed to run at speed on existing machinery, delivering high quality at each step of the way and therefore providing a commercially-viable solution to the market.

Using the SVE 3220 DZ machine at 80 bags per minute the stand-up DoyZip bags were created using predominantly a single material: PE. Mono-material pouches are easier to recycle than packaging structures available on the market today, which are made out of multiple materials, each performing a different function. The solution created by the team enables customers to achieve the necessary functionality provided by those multiple materials. For example, oxygen and water vapor barrier, printability, toughness, stiffness and excellent gloss and clarity – without compromising on recyclability.

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