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Sustainability on the drugstore shelf

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Skincare products and cosmetics fill countless shelves in drugstores, pharmacies and perfumeries. Confronted with an overwhelming range of products, more and more consumers are basing their purchase decisions on one feature: the product’s environmental footprint. This is where personalized packaging plays a key role, as it helps to create a positive brand experience.

With its Shaped Paper Pods, Syntegon offers an environmentally friendly paper packaging solution for viscous and liquid cosmetics. These embossed structural pods can be individually shaped to manufacturers’ requirements and are made almost entirely of paper. In many countries, they can be conveniently recycled in the wastepaper stream.

428 billion euros

Is the reported revenue of the global cosmetics and personal care products market in 2020.


Syntegon's new packaging concept can be used for viscous and liquid products that were usually packaged in blisters.
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The new TPU paper form, fill and seal system forms environmentally friendly structured paper tubes with a filling volume of ten to 100 milliliters.
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The paper tubes can be shaped as desired. With the help of the latest technologies, it will even be possible in the future to dispense with plastic as a necessary closure material.
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Practical, personalized and beautiful to look at

The Shaped Paper Pods are particularly suitable for single-use products, testers, and refill products, offering maximum flexibility and convenience. And since they take up little space, consumers can easily take their favorite creams or makeup products with them on trips. At the same time, the Shaped Paper Pods fulfill the usual barrier requirements and hygiene standards, ensuring maximum product protection. Their customizable, high-quality appearance opens the door for interesting designs and creates a unique brand experience. Particularly sustainable products can be packaged in leaf-shaped pods, for example, or lipstick samples for younger target groups can be pressed into a butterfly shape.

The Shaped Paper Pods can also be personalized with a unique embossed pattern, even when packaging dry products, such as face powders. They can also be used for liquid refill products. To date, manufacturers have used them for concentrates that are later diluted with water. The concentrates can be packaged as capsules, tablets or liquids. Moreover, the Shaped Paper Pods can be equipped with smart QR codes in their lids to provide additional information and further reinforce customer loyalty.


The Shaped Paper Pods offer a sustainable solution to reduce the plastic content of packaging. This allows cosmetic products such as creams to be packaged in an environmentally friendly way.
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Lipstick samples for younger target groups in butterfly shape or even dry products such as face powder can be personalized with a unique embossed pattern.
Reproduction for press purposes free of charge with credit “Picture: Syntegon”

Flexible and cost-efficient

Another advantage of the Shaped Paper Pods is the innovative, more sustainable production process. While classic paper packaging is formed from pre-cut sheets, this method allows the paper to be processed directly from the roll, eliminating high storage costs. The TPU paper form, fill and seal system from Syntegon used here can precisely cut the required packaging on the line, allowing manufacturers to flexibly produce different packaging sizes. The results won over the German Packaging Institute (div), which awarded the machine the German Packaging Prize.

Interested in how you could package your product in Shaped Paper Pods? We’ll be happy to advise you.

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