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Syntegon presents broad brand portfolio at Pack Expo

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  • A true first: new Intelligent Direct Handling pick-and-place system
  • Automation: two packaging lines for confectionery and bakery products prove system competence
  • Sustainability: flexible solutions for replacing plastic with alternative packaging materials
  • Customer care: individual Service Agreements and an innovative software solution
  • Trusted Brands: delivering quality, reliability, and dedication


Chicago/ USA, August 25, 2022. Syntegon will present its versatile portfolio of processing and packaging solutions at Pack Expo from October 23 to 26, 2022. Visitors to booth S-3514 and the Emerging Brands Summit booth EB-15 in S-100 can expect insights into innovative robotic handling solutions, automation technologies, as well as advanced and sustainable system concepts for primary and secondary packaging. One of the highlights at the booth will be the official launch of the new Intelligent Direct Handling (IDH) pick-and-place system for cookies, crackers and biscuits. Additionally, the packaging experts will showcase their comprehensive system competence with displays of the RPP robotic pick-and-place platform in combination with a MEC endload cartoner, as well as a SVE 2520 Doy Zip vertical bagger with an Elematic 3001 case packer.

“We not only unite our renowned brands like Kliklok, Doboy, Elematic, Makat, Woodman, Osgood and Sigpack under a common Syntegon umbrella, we also offer various technologies that cater to different needs and facilitate the shift towards future-proof and sustainable packaging processes for our customers,” says Brad Baker, Sales Director North America at Syntegon.


Innovating packaging with automated pick-and-place solutions

Syntegon is an expert in integrating robotics and has been engineering pick-and-place systems for many years. Following the ongoing trend towards automated handling solutions, the packaging and processing experts will present the newly developed IDH for the flat handling of cookies, biscuits, crackers or chocolate for the first time at Pack Expo 2022. The advanced pick and place concept uses linear motor technology (XTS) – the smooth movements of the linear motors ensure gentle handling of the sensitive products. In addition, the IDH ensures increased production speeds as it can pick up many products simultaneously and place them in infeed chains or trays in one step. Also, it allows for high pack style flexibility on a compact footprint. At the booth, the IDH will be integrated with a Pack 202 horizontal flow wrapper to form an efficient and flexible system for packaging cookies into trays which will be overwrapped.

Another example of Syntegon’s robotic expertise on the Pack Expo booth is the recently launched Syntegon RPP pick-and-place platform: the robotic solution will be shown together with a Kliklok MEC endload cartoner for robotic feeding and loading of pastry products such as toaster pastries. The RPP picks the manually loaded products and places four flow wraps, each holding two toaster pastries, into up to 80 cartons per minute. The downstream MEC is also equipped to handle different speed ranges and format sizes – thus offering manufacturers a future-proof automated solution.


Flexible systems are key

To remain competitive in the future, companies in the food industry rely on flexible equipment that allows them to quickly react to dynamic market trends. One such solution will be on display at the Pack Expo booth, consisting of a SVE 2520 Doy Zip vertical bagger and an Elematic 3001 WA wraparound case packer. The system packages chocolate buttons into re-sealable Doy Zip bags that keep the confectionery products fresh.The highly flexible machine also processes all other common bag formats, and feeds them to the Elematic 3001 WA. The case packer is known for its format flexibility and easy changeovers, placing the bags in corrugated cases. Manufacturers looking for a topload solution for RSC cartons can take a closer look at the Elematic 1001 TL: the case packer boasts a large format range and groups products into various collations before placing them into corrugated or solid board cases. Both case packers can easily be integrated into complete system solutions.

In addition, Syntegon will exhibit the continous band sealer CBS-D for vertical and horizontal formats from its Doboy brand. The bag sealer can flexibly process a variety of products, from food to non-food and medical items, and can be added to existing packaging lines. Its advanced sealing technology ensures tight, high-quality seals – even for applications that require hermetic sealing.


A glance into a future without conventional plastics

With the Kliklok ACE carton erector, the Syntegon brand offers customers from the food industry not only full format flexibility for cartons, but also the option to create sustainable cookie trays. Thanks to the innovative lock-style technology, the ACE folds glue-free trays made of paper – and enables manufacturers to replace conventional plastics with a recyclable alternative. “By integrating automated systems and sustainable technologies, we support food companies that need to react to dynamic market trends quickly,” explains Baker.

When it comes to sustainable packaging, the new coffee packaging machine PMX from Syntegon also contributes its fair share: in a digital presentation, visitors to the booth will be able to learn more about the modular design of the machine that processes recyclable mono-materials and aroma protection valves for coffee bags. Moreover, the PMX features condition monitoring to reduce energy and material consumption. Visitors will be able to observe this multitude of sustainability firsthand while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the booth barista.


Product protection thanks to hygienic system solutions

While the exhibited SVE vertical bagger stands out due to its pack style flexibility, the SVC impresses with its hygienic design features. The machine is suitable for harsh environments and washdown cleaning, avoiding cross-contamination and keeping products and consumers safe.

When it comes to hygiene, manufacturers of liquid foods in particular need to comply with the highest industry standards as their products are sensitive and spoil easily. The liquid filling machine LFS from the Syntegon company Osgood is available in clean and ultra-clean hygienic executions and packages liquid and viscous products into preformed containers. Its modular concept allows for individual configurations to meet various product requirements, for example by adding a disinfection station using UVC or pulsed light for a chemical-free disinfection.


System competence for food products and beyond

Experts from Makat will offer consulting on producing a variety of high quality sweets, such as jelly or candy. Makat kitchen and depositing solutions are highly precise and handle products gently from ingredient preparation to product finishing – the result are high quality confectionery products. The latest innovation is Makat's starchless depositing turnkey solution, catering the growing demand for functional and medicated sweets.


Explore pharmaceutical processing and packaging solutions

On top of these various food technologies, the experts at the booth will also talk pharmaceutical manufacturers through the latest industry innovations and present the complete portfolio for the development, production, and processing of liquid and solid dosage forms. Visitors can expect a live demonstration of the Range Manual Assembly (RMA) machine designed for small batches and clinical trials of MedTech devices like auto-injectors and pens. The assembly machine processes up to 300 devices per minute, while the automatic infeed and outfeed can be fully integrated with upstream and downstream equipment.


Close to the customer with revised Service Agreements

While machines are essential to high-quality manufacturing, they are not the only thing brand owners are looking for. Syntegon’s Services and Digital Solutions play an equally important role, which is why the company will present its latest service developments at Pack Expo. Revised Service Agreements on different levels cover maintenance, spare parts management, remote service and training at a fixed price. The Service Agreements include Synexio, a cloud-based software solution that monitors and evaluates machine and production data. Syntegon customers can use the generated real-time information to streamline their maintenance processes and enhance their overall production efficiency.

For live insights into Syntegon’s versatile system solutions and the company’s broad brand portfolio, visit booth S-3514 at Pack Expo in Chicago from October 23 to 26. Our experts will be happy to welcome you.



The newly developed IDH pick-and-place system uses linear motors instead of delta robots, which not only enables gentle handling of cookies and crackers, but also has many advantages in terms of flexibility.

Syntegon_RPP MEC Layout

The robotic pick-and-place platform RPP can be configurated individually to automate processes such as feeding, handling and loading. At Pack Expo, the robotic solution will be shown together with a Kliklok MEC endload cartoner.


Syntegon_Kliklok ACE person   Syntegon_ACE_Cookie Tray - Filled and Empty

The Kliklok ACE carton erector uses the innovative lock-style technology to create paper trays without any adhesives, thus replacing plastic with paper-based materials.



An integrated system consisting of a vertical bagger SVE 2510 DZ and an Elematic 3001 case packer produces re-sealable Doy Zip bags for chocolate buttons.



The Elematic 1001 TL case packer offers a highly flexible format range and groups products into various collations before placing them into corrugated or solid board cases.


The CBS-D bag sealer for vertical and horizontal formats is equipped with PTFE-coated fiberglass sealing bands that provide tight and high-quality seals.

Syntegon Ampack_LFS_visualisierung_210323_4K

Available in clean and ultra-clean hygienic executions, the LFS fills and packages liquid, viscous and pump required products into preformed containers or cups.



Taking sustainable value creation into account, Syntegon presents the PMX coffee packaging machine that processes recyclable mono-materials and valves for more eco-friendly coffee packaging.



About Syntegon Technology

Processing and packaging for a better life – this is what 5,800 Syntegon employees work for every day. Be it with individual machines, systems, or services, Syntegon helps its customers in the global pharmaceutical and food industries to improve people's lives. The company, which is headquartered in Waiblingen, Germany, looks back on more than 160 years of experience and achieved annual sales of 1.4 billion EUR in 2021. In the pharma sector, the company’s intelligent solutions enable the safe and high-quality production, processing, filling, inspection, and packaging of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, Syntegon’s flexible and reliable technologies produce and pack confectionery, dry food, frozen food, and dairy products. With 1,100 service experts and a comprehensive service portfolio throughout the entire machine lifecycle from spare parts management to digital line optimization, Syntegon lays the foundation for smooth production processes for all customers. More than 30 sites in almost 20 countries keep a firm eye on Syntegon’s impact on the environment and society. Syntegon is a leader in the development of sustainable packaging solutions, reduces the energy consumption of its machines and pursues ambitious goals to lower its emissions.


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