AIM 2|5 – Syringe Inspection with fully integrated De-nesting and Re-nesting

Pursuing a fully integrated approach, our innovative inspection line offers a holistic solution for the de-nesting, inspection and re-nesting of pre-filled syringes.

It enables smooth handling of the products with non-glass-to-glass contact: before, during and after inspection. The robot arms in our USD de-nester and USR re-nester gently lift, move and place the syringes. Various options for tub infeed and outfeed are available. Our proven inspection platform AIM5 reliably detects particles, cosmetic defects and leaking containers with integrated High Voltage Leak Detection method. Utilizing state-of-the-art image processing with Artificial Intelligence, this solution allows to boost your inspection accuracy even further, especially for items that are difficult to inspect with conventional techniques.

What do we inspect?

Camera-based inspections:

  • Pre-inspection: Plunger presence, flange, tip / needle
  • Body and fill level, plunger side and top, floating particles
  • Moving and floating particles by matrix or line scan camera, in transmission and reflection

Static Division (SD) light-transmission-based inspection:

  • 100% double check for particles by two SD sensors

High voltage leak detection:

  • 100 % Container Closure Integrity testing with integrated HVLD station

Line highlights

  • Highest product safety due to non-glass-to-glass contact during de-nesting, inspection and re-nesting
  • Various nest feeding and buffering options available for user friendly and convenient operating
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to vision system for next level inspection accuracy
  • Compact design with all state-of-the-art mechanics, control and machine vision components
  • Possibility to integrate High voltage leak detection station
  • Re-nesting of full rows, gaps due to rejected samples are compensated


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  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
    Machine capacity AIM5: up to 18,000 containers/hour AIM2: up to 24,000 containers/hour
    Container type Syringes
    Max. body diameter 14.45 mm (max. flange diameter 23.0 mm)
    Max. container height 107.5 mm
    Format range 0.5 – 5 ml syringes
    (10 – 30 ml build to order)
    0.5 – 5 ml syringes
    (5 – 10 ml build to order)

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application Examples

    Case: Air bubbles mixed on the rubber plunger

    Product: Syringe pre-filled with high viscosity solutions

    Targets for detection: Glass, metal shards, rubber and plastic particulates

    Challenges: When air bubbles are mixed on the plunger, they tend to be falsely detected as foreign particles by conventional image processing. Especially for high-viscosity solutions, it is difficult to remove bubbles even if the container is rotated at a high speed. Re-inspection of defective products requires time and money.

    Results with AI solution:

    • Increase in detection by 1.7 times
    • Decrease of false rejects to less than half
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