Bag Sealing Machines

Syntegon’s range of bag closers are ideal for every application from medical and food to non-food items. Each one comes with superior sealing technology to ensure bags are properly sealed, especially for medical applications where hermetic sealing is required.  For horizontal bag sealers, the HMI is mounted to be at the ideal height for the operator and the HMI pivots to allow access on the conveyor side of the system. Lastly, bag closers come in all stainless steel for a hygienic design.

Bag Sealer Machine Selection Guide*

Bag Material Application Machine Application Machine
Paper Under 20 lbs GS 1000S
Over 20 lbs HDPT
Heat Sealable
Films (plastics)
Soft film HS-CII, CBS, HA
Hard film HS-BII, CBS, HA
Medical Pouches Sterile Packaging CBS-DM

* There are many factors that can influence proper bag sealing, the criteria listed here are simplified to provide a starting point in your search for the proper bag sealing equipment.