Sepion – the new benchmark for tablet coating

The new Sepion drum coater series offers an ideal combination of experience and innovation, as it combines decades of experience of the former Manesty product brand with the expertise in tablet coating and process technology of the Hüttlin product brand.

As the Sepion drum coater is designed for closed charging, sampling and discharging, the containment upgrade for coating of tablets with highly potent active ingredients is streamlined.

Based on the improved drum geometry and innovative mixing baffle design, the Sepion coater achieves the required blend uniformity in only a few minutes. At the same time, a filling level between 10% and 100% offers a maximum of flexibility regarding batch size.

An extended drum length provides a shallower tablet bed, but also space for an increased number of spray guns. The combination of both enables high spray rates and shorter process times.

The superior spray system is equipped with Anti-Bearding-Cap spray nozzles. The spray arm can be adjusted automatically, supported by a distance sensor for the gun-to-bed distance.

Mixing, spraying, and drying are perfectly matched, which leads to a very low RSD of the applied coatings. For that reason, the Sepion is highly suitable for all coating applications not only when it comes to cosmetic non-functional coatings, but also for enteric coatings, sustained release and active coatings.

A recipe controlled cleaning system operating in different cleaning zones can be adjusted to the requirements of the customer.

Provicon Plus, Syntegon’s intuitive state-of-the-art control system completes the package.


  • Flexibility in batch size varying from 10% to 100%
  • Mixing uniformity in < 8 min
  • Fast charging and discharging
  • Short process times due to high spray rates and effective drying
  • Very low RSD of applied coating
  • Closed material handling
  • Streamlined containment upgrade
  • Completely 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
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  • Technical Data

    The Sepion tablet coaters are available in six sizes:

    175, 250, 350, 500, 750, 1 000 liter

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  • Application Examples

    The mixing quality has been verified by mixing tablets with 3 different colors. Images 1 to 3 show a 100% filling at the start and after 5 and 8 minutes. Specified was a relative standard deviation (RSD) below 3%.

    This was achieved during the trials in 8 minutes.

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