After-Sales Services

Syntegon Services – your reliable partner

A plant is only productive when it’s operating. This is why we are always there for you: providing reliable services from a single source, all over the world.

Our service portfolio ranges from spare parts and field service offerings to stock optimization, modernization, and preventive maintenance, all the way to remote and data-based services and training.

Service Cube

Whether it’s a customized solution or a standard service – you achieve maximum output with minimum downtime and optimize the profitability of your machines.

  • Employee checking a machine

    Field Service

    Our Field Service ensures the smooth operation of your machines. Highly qualified service engineers provide support on a global scale.

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  • Employee checking a machine


    Upgrades, overhauls and reconfiguration: with our modernization services, you can keep older machines running like new.

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  • Employee checking a spare part

    Spare Parts and E-Portal

    Maintain the performance of your equipment. By using original parts from Syntegon, you are always on the safe side.

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  • Engineer checking the system's functions

    Preventive Maintenance

    No unplanned downtime thanks to preventive maintenance. Benefit from our customer-oriented maintenance activities to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

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  • Woman working in a lab

    Embedded Engineer

    Focused on your installed base, our Embedded Engineer program offers you dedicated support and expert advice.

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  • Group of employees attending the Syntegon Academy


    The professional operation of your equipment requires well-trained staff. The Syntegon Academy provides you with customized training concepts.

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  • Engineer in front of a glass wall

    Digital Services

    Collect and analyze the data of your machines. Make use of our digital services to better understand your processes and increase the effectiveness of your equipment.

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  • Hands on a glass wall

    Remote Service

    Fast and efficient support thanks to Remote Service. Minimize unplanned downtime to save time and money.

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  • After Sales Service Person helping a customer

    Technical Audit

    Evaluate processes and assess the performance of your machines. Our experts analyse your equipment and provide you with optimization proposals.

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  • Employee checking the delivery note

    Stock Optimization

    Having the right spare parts in stock while minimizing your stock level. Increase your profitability through improved spare parts management.

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